WAVES Market VP Marina: The development and segmentation of NFT will depend on the public being able to buy more smoothly and easily, not on some speculators

Recently, WAVES Market VP Marina said in the roundtable discussion session of WEB 3.0 Qinghai Tour – Coin World Community Fan Offline Meeting “How to grasp the new opportunities in the new era of Web3.0”: the second half of 2021 is still bullish on DeFi and NFT, DeFi is still in a relatively NFT will push blockchain to the traditional market, NFT is actually equivalent to IP economy and fan economy in the traditional market, it must have value, but whether the value is so big, I think it still needs the market to precipitate. NFT collection and DeFi liquidity mining together, through a series of activities to Waves community users to issue rewards, while the participation of community members to promote the healthy development of Waves ecology. the development of NFT and segmentation of the market depends on whether the public can buy more smoothly and easily, rather than depending on some speculators.