DogeSwap is now live on the DOG cross-chain bridge

In the latest news, DogeSwap has partnered with Poly Network, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, to provide a cross-chain bridge for seamless transactions between HECO and BSC for DOG. In the current product planning, the DogeSwap cross-chain bridge only supports interchangeable tokens for DOG in the first phase for voting purposes with BSC on its BSC eco-program DogeSwap do pre-preparation. Poly Network is reported to have provided cross-chain interoperability services for many DeFi+NFT projects and applications, and it is lightweight heterogeneous chain cross-chain interoperability protocol.
DogeSwap is a new DEX based on the Firecoin ecosystem chain, dedicated to discovering and supporting new assets and providing them with more financial services. It helps new assets open LP mining and single coin mining to obtain higher returns and activate market development.