FDex Releases White Paper 1.0: Trading Protocols Run in a Peer-to-Pool Environment

According to official news, FDex today officially released version 1.0 of its white paper, the FDex decentralized contract trading protocol presents a new trading logic: “It will allow traders to initiate contract trades directly without going through any centralized server and have the trades cleared by a market maker (LP) pool.”
According to the FDex development team: while the QCAMM pricing mechanism partially solves this problem, such a protocol loses its advantage against censorship if it still requires the support of a team to sustain its development. FDex proposes a solution that allows the trading protocol to operate in a peer-to-peer pool environment with the ability to evolve itself. The protocol integrates participants into a self-growing, mutually beneficial symbiotic ecosystem through a 442 proportional profit-sharing mechanism for them.