V-God Proposes Pre-Compilation of Ether’s Future Slicing and Historical Access

Vitalik Buterin (V-God) posted an article looking at pre-compiling future slices and historical accesses, in which V-God said that one of the backwards compatibility challenges in the current ethereum design is that historical accesses require verification of Merkle proofs in EVM, which assume that the blockchain will always use the same format and the same cipher. Sharding increases the importance of this, as fraud proofs and proofs of validity for rollups require pointers to sharded data. v-God proposes a more future-proof approach: instead of requiring proofs of history and sharding to be verified in EVM, we can add pre-compilations that perform the abstract task of verifying specific types of proofs. If the format is changed in the future, the pre-compilation logic would be changed automatically. Pre-compilation can even have conditional logic for verifying one type of proof for pre-transformation slots and another type of proof for post-transformation slots.