Filecoin Independent Protocol Venus Releases venus v0.9.7-rc1, v0.9.7-rc2 Candidate to be Released Next Week

According to Filecoin community news, Venus community leader Joss said that venus v0.9.7-rc1 has been released and can be synchronized on the calibration network. venus v0.9.7-rc2 candidate will be released next week, completing all venus module upgrades and supporting testing in calibnet and nerpanet.
In previous news, Filecoin officially tweeted to announce the progress of the project, saying that Filecoin is committed to implementing four major independent protocols to help protect the network. The four independent protocols are Forest, Fuhon, Venus, and Lotus. venus, previously known as go-filecoin, was developed by Protocol Labs and is now handled by IPFSForce. The goal is to achieve interoperability with Lotus as soon as possible.