Chia Founder: New Chia P-Disk Much Faster, Pool Agreement Coming Soon

Chia founder Bram Cohen tweeted that the new Chia P drive is much faster, but with more complex details. What it does is make better use of the available cores for multi-threading, which will allow SSDs to take significantly less minimum time to complete the entire plot. However, if you run multiple P disks on multiple drives at the same time, it doesn’t improve the overall but speed as much, and a computer with a new P disk setup connected to a bunch of SSDs will have roughly the same performance as an old P disk on multiple computers connected to the same SSD, so hardware costs can be saved. The new P drive’s minimum time settings will be able to do more things, such as lose less data when the P drive is disrupted. He also said that the whole team is now focusing on the pooling protocol, which will be out soon.