Layer2 DAO Base Protocol Metis Enters Strategic Partnership with Blockchain Analytics Platform PARSIQ

The Metis Layer2 ecosystem will benefit from access to PARSIQ’s data stream processing services, which will in turn provide better market activity analysis and security capabilities for the DeFi projects in its ecosystem. market activity analysis and security features for the DeFi projects in its ecosystem.
PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform, a multi-layered architecture between the blockchain and off-chain applications. Subsequently, the rich DeFi partners under the PARSIQ ecosystem will also benefit from Metis Layer2 and become its DeFi use case collaborators, including Bagels Finance, OpenDeFi, Asteria and Rozoj, among others.
Metis is the Layer2 DAO base protocol for the creation, management and development of DACs (decentralized self-organizing corporations). metis supports the operation of decentralized applications and economies on top of the high-performance, highly scalable and low-cost Layer2 through its DAC framework.