Thousand Island Mining Alliance Formally Formed to Build a Regulated Super Pool Based on zkTube

The Thousand Islands Mining Alliance, jointly established by 15 mining pools, was officially established. Members of the alliance include Border Valley Mining Pool, Qingke Cloud, Billion Coin Mining Pool, Wanxing Mining Pool, Zhongding Mining Pool, Ouko Mining Pool, Ideal Mining Pool, Cloud Creative Arithmetic, Lotus Mining, Star Mining Pool, Soft Cloud Storage, Nine Acres Cloud Enjoy, Mining World, Field Science and Technology, and Fire Chain Cloud Mining. The Thousand Islands Mining Alliance will establish a fair, just and open regulated super mining pool based on zkTube.
Officially, the alliance’s move marks a big step in upgrading zkTube’s consensus to proof-of-interest, taking advantage of the migration from Ether PoW to PoS to help zkTube take most of the burden of computation and storage out of the blockchain in Rollup’s zero-knowledge proof method and benefit from Ether’s security.