Layer2 DAO Base Protocol Metis Enters Strategic Partnership with InnMind, a Mainstream European Incubator Platform

Metis, the Layer2 DAO infrastructure protocol, announced a strategic partnership with InnMind, a leading European incubator platform, to jointly drive the Metis gas pedal program on June 7 EST. There are no additional costs.
InnMind, which specializes in matching startups with venture capital firms, will help Metis raise funds to support its future gas pedal program, which will provide other top blockchain startups with a strong Layer2 platform, technical power and fundraising capabilities to enhance project operations.
Metis is the Layer2 DAO base protocol for the creation, management and development of DACs (decentralized self-organizing companies) that support the operation of Web3 decentralized applications and economies on top of high-performance, highly scalable, low-cost Layer2 through its DAC framework.