Deflationary Filecoin standard full storage arithmetic protocol Plato Protocol will soon open private placement

According to official news, the deflationary Filecoin standard full-storage arithmetic protocol Plato Protocol will soon open a global private placement. the Plato Protocol protocol combines Filecoin physical mining with the DeFi protocol to financialize arithmetic products, and the token PHST injects liquidity into arithmetic transactions. the total number of PHSTs issued is only 4.8 million. PHST pledge is destroyed, deflationary value-added economic model; users can not only participate in FIL mining with zero threshold and get stable FIL mining revenue, but also will enjoy PHST pass ups; PHST pledge pool sets 100% revenue guarantee mechanism, users are likely to realize revenue multiplication in a short period of time; Plato Protocol anchors the real mining arithmetic power of CK Cloud Storage, underpinning the value of PHST The 40% of FIL from the power pool injects boosting power for PHST secondary market; 10% of FIL from the rolling pool continuously injects Filecoin arithmetic power for the pledge pool, which makes the mining continue forever.