Singapore AVF Foundation and NFANS platform entered into cooperation to enter the field of NFT

The AVF Foundation of Singapore officially announced that its artists will be stationed on the platform for the release of NFT products, and AVF has now signed artists such as Yuki Hatano, Yuya Mikami, Shiori Kanzaki, Ai Sasayama, Ozeki Rings, and Misao Junjima, etc. AVF will work with to create an NFT digital economy ecology and bring fans closer to artists. is a blockchain-based digital collection platform for celebrity Netflix, including artist photos, Moment casting and sales, and NFTs of famous anime, etc. It realizes non-homogeneous passwords for pop, entertainment and other subcultures, and helps fans’ NFTs circulate and confirm their rights to exercise their rights, etc., so as to build a trading platform for global participants.