KAKA and Theforce will jointly launch a limited edition blind box auction for Big Mouth Monkey on June 9 at 23:00

According to the latest official announcement from KAKA NFT WORLD, KAKA and TheForce Trade will kick off the second round of limited edition blind box auction sale on June 9 at 23:00. The event will last for 3 days, with a limited sale of 500 NFT cards, including 15 kinds of Marvel characters NFT cards, 10 kinds of Big Mouth Monkey Dragon Born Nine Sons and special dragon card NFT cards, a total of 25 kinds, level 6-7, all for the ERC721 limited edition and comes with special features. In addition, KAKA official website version 2.0 will be online at 10:00 on June 9, the update involves the mall buyback page display, new card pre-sale function, new UI design, etc.