Tests find Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti restricts multiple digital currency mining

According to fast technology news, this week, RTX 3080 Ti debuted for sale. RTX 3080 Ti imposes restrictions on mining from the GPU level, which NVIDIA previously said was targeted at ethereum. A June agency test found that the RTX 3080 Ti Ether arithmetic power was roughly 57MH/s, less than half that of the RTX 3090 (120MH/s), and also inferior to the RTX 3080 (85MH/s), which is a notch lower. Further testing revealed that not only Ether, but also some relatively cold small coins, such as Ethereum Classic, Ergo, RavenCoin, etc., are also “unsuited” to RTX 3080 Ti. The only one known to be unaffected seems to be ConFlux.