Report: Low gas fees favoring ethereum MATIC whales are re-increasing their holdings

According to The Daily Hodl on June 6, Santiment released a report stating that address activity in Ether is growing and that the number of active deposits has decreased since the “panic sell-off” at the end of May. In addition, Santiment noted that Ether gas fees have fallen, returning to the highest level since mid-January this year, and that low gas fees are a positive factor for the Ether smart contract platform. The report adds that the number of ETH held by the top 10 Ether wallets is near an all-time high, which has historically been a bullish signal for the asset. As for Polygon, the extended Ether solution, Santiment said that the MATIC whales that sold off during the rally are now rebuilding during the correction. the MATIC market cap indicator shows some signs that a further correction may be needed before another big rally can begin.