V-God: Polygon’s Flaws Are More About Functionality Than Security

According to AMBcrypto on June 6, V God stated that there is a huge difference between Roll-ups and sidechains. roll-ups inherit the security of ethereum; whereas in the sidechain Polygon, it is not protected by ethereum, but by its own token PoS consensus. v god further claimed that MATIC’s supply is not widely distributed, which could lead to misuse of the network. According to V God, Polygon places more emphasis on functionality than security, which in itself is a drawback of its network. However, he said the Polygon chain will mature over time as applications mature. In addition, regarding the problems with Ether in terms of cost and efficiency, V God said, “I think one of the compromises we have with Ether is that we have to take a ‘bad’ solution that is both forward compatible and gets better over time. ”