SubGame CEO Wang Qingjin: SGB will build mainstream public chain bridges in June

Wang Qingjin, CEO and founder of SubGame, shared at the “Boca Ecology China Tour” that the recent frequent lightning attacks on the DeFi platform mainly stemmed from contract vulnerabilities or flaws in the design of the economic model, which brought huge losses to the platform and users, and made more people aware of the importance of capital security. Wang Qingjin explained the whole process of the flash credit in an easy-to-understand way and emphasized that SubGame is committed to providing developers with a diverse and complete development module in the polka ecology.
Wang Qingjin also mentioned that SubGame main chain has officially logged into TokenPocket at 20:00 on May 31, becoming the third boca ecological chain supported by TokenPocket after boca main chain and Kusama. In addition, SGB will do liquidity based on HECO and build bridges between HECO, BSC, ETH and Polkadot in June to expand the cross-chain ecology.