MDEX Releases Updated Roadmap for 2021: Will Expand Ecological Footprint Horizontally to Create More Value Paths

June 4 news, MDEX.COM official announcement released the latest route plan for 2021, three quarters will laterally expand the ecological map, build more innovative products, will successively support excess collateral, liquidity credentials LP collateral, board MDX collateral and other ways to mint stable coin MUSD, gradually online leverage trading, options trading, prediction market and a series of innovative derivatives. Continue to prioritize the IMO, ecological fund investment (MDEX Foundation), and startup project gas pedal (M-Accelerator) support program to create a new DeFi ecology for MDEX. At the same time, MDEX will land the DAO plan, return all power to the community, and open a long-term lock-in plan for core supporters to reap great rewards. See the official announcement for details of the roadmap.