Hangzhou Lingyin Temple set up a Buddhist Digital Empowerment Research Center, using blockchain and other technologies to explore new ways of digital empowerment in the religious community

According to the WeChat public number of Hangzhou Buddhist College, the Buddhist Digital Empowerment Research Center, formed by Hangzhou Lingyin Temple in conjunction with several research institutions, was established at Lingyin Temple on the morning of May 28. Venerable Guangquan, abbot of Hangzhou Lingyin Temple, said that the theoretical research in the field of Buddhist digital empowerment is not only a concrete initiative to implement the requirements of “Digital Zhejiang” construction in Zhejiang Province, but also an important grip to promote the Chineseization of contemporary Buddhism. With the rise of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, block chain, 5G and other technologies, the digital world and the real world continue to integrate deeply, reshaping the shape of human society while also affecting the Buddhist monastic community, talent training, place management and other aspects.