Changsha Agricultural Bank in Hunan Province gives out another 70,000 digital RMB spending bonuses, totaling 1.8 million yuan

After Changsha distributed 40 million yuan digital RMB bonus, My Changsha app, together with Agricultural Bank of China Changsha Branch, is again distributing 70,000 digital RMB spending bonus, totaling 1.8 million yuan, with the highest amount of 188 yuan, from June 4 at 0:00 to June 6 at 24:00. The activity is conducted through still through the system lottery, and the consumption red packets are provided by Agricultural Bank of China Changsha Branch. The red packets total 1.8 million yuan and are divided into four classes: 18 yuan, 28 yuan, 58 yuan and 188 yuan. Citizens registering to participate in the event must meet one of the following conditions: first, there is a (or more) normal social security payment records within the city of Changsha; second, the household registration location within the city of Changsha; third, cell phone positioning at the time of registration within the city of Changsha.