GM Automated Trading Protocol will be available on PancakeSwap at 20:00 on June 2

According to the official news, GM will be logged into PancakeSwap on June 2 at 20:00. GM will issue a total of 10,000 billion, hit the black hole 50%, burn 5% of each transaction, of which 3% is automatically locked into the pool to provide liquidity and 2% is automatically tried to be distributed to all coin-holding users.
God and Miracles is a NFT project in the comic world, as well as an NFT automated trading protocol, cross-chain NFT and packaged asset income management platform, aiming to manage related assets and achieve higher returns for users through DeFi strategies.
BSC Contract: 0xeb10cf0d66f780e03598ec28c46d7d739cb57c95