HECO White Hat Security Alliance Completes Risk Check of HECO Key Project Contracts

Recently, DeFi industry lightning loan attack security incidents have been frequent, in order to avoid related risks, HECO White Hat Security Alliance has carried out HECO on-chain lightning loan related track project contract risk screening activities, after nearly a week of risk screening, no relevant security issues have been detected so far.
HECO White Hat Security Alliance is a third-party security organization jointly initiated by world-renowned auditors and security agencies. Members of the alliance collaborate effectively on HECO project security audit, security supervision and security tracking to build a safe and healthy HECO ecological chain.
At present, Slow Fog Technology, Chengdu Chain Security, Spirit Tracer Security, Certik, Armors and other well-known security agencies have joined HECO White Hat Security Alliance as the first batch of initiators, which adopts decentralized DAO governance model.