AI Smart Protocol Lab Europe and European mobile operator Vodafone enter into a strategic partnership

According to the official news, on June 2 at 10:00 Berlin time, AI Smart Protocol Lab Europe announced that it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Vodafone, the largest mobile operator in Europe, and formally reached a consensus on cooperation. In the future, the two sides will integrate the advantages of their respective resources to carry out in-depth research and development work around mobile intelligence, 5G big data, AI intelligence development, blockchain + and other fields, and jointly maintain the AI intelligence protocol AI big data ecological development and help AI blockchain ecological empowerment.
Vodafone is a multinational cell phone operator and is now one of the world’s largest mobile network companies, with investments in 27 countries around the world. It has investments in 27 countries around the world and partners with local cell phone operators in 14 other countries to affiliate cell phone networks.
AI Blockchain Intelligence Protocol is a big data-based blockchain governance protocol developed by AI Blockchain Governance Lab in Europe, which supports smart contract development with Solidity, ring signature-based privacy protection, and decentralized cross-chain transactions. AI adopts a distributed global office model with offices in the US, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia.