DeBridge Finance blames North Korean hacker Lazarus for attempted attack

DeBridge Finance co-founder Alex Smirnov warned all Web3 teams that hacking could be widespread. Victims of the email-based cyberattack, cross-chain protocol deBridge Finance, said its investigation suggested the operation may have come from the North Korea-linked Lazarus Group. The attack took the form of spoofing the email address of deBridge co-founder Alex Smirnov. Although most employees reported the suspicious email, one of the employees downloaded and opened the relevant file. In a lengthy Twitter post, Alex said deBridge Finance had been the target of an attempted cyber attack, apparently by the Lazarus group. “PSA for all Web3 teams, this activity is likely to be widespread”. The company’s detection of the hackers revealed similar attack vectors to the ones North Korea’s Lazarus Group has noticed in other cyberattacks.