Ledger Global Head: The Future of Cryptocurrency Depends on Security Issues

The future of cryptocurrencies depends on security concerns, according to Alex Zinder, global head of hardware wallet maker Ledger Enterprises. The rapid growth of the crypto ecosystem has increased the threat of hacking and exploits, creating “very unmanageable” security. problem, the exchange needs to take additional security measures. “Security is really a prerequisite for mass adoption and scalability, and if you do it wrong, if you compromise on security or if you compromise on governance, you fundamentally put users, the community and you,” he said. brand at risk”. Earlier this week, more than 8,000 Solana blockchain hot wallets were compromised and at least $5 million worth of tokens were stolen. France-based Ledger Enterprises, now valued at $1.5 billion, raised $380 million in a Series C round in June 2021.