SMN1 (Super Module Network One) transfers 20 million project tokens to V-God wallet address

A Tokenview browser check shows that Super Module Network One has transferred 20% of its project tokens, or 20 million SMN1, to the V God wallet address.
SMN1, with a total mintage of 100,000,000 tokens, is an anonymous underlying protocol using blockchain technology from the network layer to the application layer. It uses decentralized consensus, smart contracts, zero-knowledge proof, and mixed network and mixed coin technologies to create a new anonymous network. Unlike improvements to existing anonymity projects, SMN1 is a brand new protocol that will be able to flexibly support all anonymity projects on the market and promote the flourishing of the anonymity ecology through a decentralized platform.SMN1 contract address: 0x07147220fa6c06295464d695e4ec012f6aebc275.