NBS bottoming out sharply, up 64% in two days

Trading data shows that over the past two days, NBS centralized exchange trading volume of 470 million NBS, changing hands at 37.6%; NBS decentralized exchange trading volume of 24.75 million NBS, up 241% from the previous two days, changing hands at 8.4%.
In terms of price, NBS has risen 64% from its price low. At the same time, chips on the Cryptocurrency exchange continue to be concentrated, and the number of coins held has risen to 904 million in recent days, which has accounted for 72.32% of NBS’ circulation on all centralized exchanges.
Due to the dramatic market volatility, NBS stable coin mining gains rose yesterday to 227 NBS per 100,000 nbCNY gained, an annualized return of 73.4%.