Ether Layer 2 Scalability Solution Hermez Releases Product Development Roadmap

According to official news, Hermez, the Ether Layer 2 scaling solution, has released its product development roadmap, which is divided into five phases related to specific functional goals. In the first phase, Hermez will support the Hermez Multi-Coordinator Network and full support for atomic transactions by the second quarter of 2021. Phase 2, by Q4 2021, will enable promotional airdrops and user rewards, enable token exchange in Hermez wallets, and introduce new transaction types and formats. Phase 3, completion of third-party wallet integration, native app and mobile SDK, and mass migration enhancements by Q4 2021. Phase 4, immediate certainty of payments in decentralized model, Iden3 identity native integration, enhanced user onboarding, support for NFT assets by 2022 and earlier. Phase 5, completion of private transaction support and support for composability as close as possible to the current Ether EVM by 2022 and before.