9 pieces of thinking about the Metaverse


Figure 1: Oculus Jason Rubin (Proposed the Metaverse Project in 2018 and sent to Mark Anderson)

1. The goal of Meta Universe: to enrich the life experience at a lower cost and more convenient .

Zhengshitang described Metaverse as a digital drug and nipple in “Metacosm and Drug Abuse”. It is reasonable, but the premise is the emergence of this form and the construction of this world is designed. However, this premise may not be established. The universe, the world, and nature have evolved and evolved on their own, but thinkers, politicians, and entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to embrace and even accelerate its arrival.

2. Everyone is responsible for their own choices. Having more choices is better than nothing .

In this world, someone is responsible for thinking and innovation; someone is responsible for application and practice; someone is responsible for consumption and entertainment; those who like consumption and entertainment are not passive choices. Ordinary like me, I want to have more experience, because of factors such as cost, time, physical strength, financial resources, safety, etc., it is difficult to do it. For example, there are a few people who can do what Tony Leung “will do when he suddenly thinks of what he does.” Europe feeds pigeons (perhaps because he wants to be quiet and doesn’t want to be disturbed by star chasers), and Wang Shi climbs Mount Everest. It is fast and low-cost, to try an unreal, but close to the real experience, I believe most people can’t help the temptation. Moreover, in the metaverse, consumers may also be creators, propagandists and beneficiaries in the benefit distribution mechanism.


Figure 2: Movie Matrix/Avatar/Top Player/Out of Control Player

3. Solve the contradiction between rapid human reproduction and limited earth resources

1) The new crown epidemic is a forced balance of nature on the earth;

2) If everyone on the planet wants to try a richer experience (this is inevitable, the spiritual needs after food and clothing), the sum of carbon emissions that meets the real experience needs of all people on the planet may lead to the extinction of mankind, and the meta-universe can only partially satisfy the extinction. Part of the spiritual needs of most people, but also minimize the consumption of resources


Figure 3: Brain in the tank

4. Meta-universe evolution

First, the sense of sight and hearing, then the sense of touch , and then the sense of smell and taste. The latter can be simulated through the environment, but it may be more efficient to stimulate nerves through a brain-computer interface.

5. How to distinguish which world you are in? How to avoid being harmed in the virtual world?

The more realistic and the harder you go as you go; mobilize all your senses and enhance your logical judgment. It is possible to design a most advanced mechanism for stopping or exiting, such as an action that hardly happens in reality but is not dangerous.

Virtual social interaction (including sex) and virtual warfare are also real in the immersive experience.

The design of the meta-universe involves connecting the parts of the human body with nerve functions, and the opening and connection of parts with different granularities can be considered . If it involves a high degree of pain leading to personal safety, it can be isolated or divided into degrees; for further development, the degree and granularity can be selected by the user. Of course, the pursuit of a realistic experience and safety may be irreconcilable, and can only be compromised.


Figure 4:  Musk and the brain-computer interface

6. How to judge whether human beings have entered the meta-universe era?

Nowadays, in addition to the original natural products such as vegetables and fruits, how many things around you are not made artificially? However, although it is artificially manufactured, it is still a physical environment, a real object.

If the virtual environment (especially the brain-computer interface affects the nerves) is caused, the stimulation time for human senses (especially touch, smell and taste) exceeds 50% , including life and work (realistic remote meetings are also counted), and the whole world More than 50% of people are like this , and it can be considered that they have entered the meta-universe era.

At present, there may be less than one in a million people, and the daily time is less than one percent. This era looks very far away, but the development of science and technology is accelerating, maybe in the next 20 years or so?


Figure 5: Facebook non-implantable brain-computer interface mental typing

7. ” Seven Layers of Shell “

Twenty years ago, I was a science fiction fan and subscribed to “World of Science Fiction” for many years. What impressed me most was the dumbfounded after reading this short story by Wang Jinkang. I just searched the Internet and “Seven Shells” was published in the seventh issue of 1997. Recommended reading, the movie “Inception” with the same concept was released after 13 years (that is, 2010).

Download link of novel text:


Extraction code: meta

It’s a pity that I didn’t find the online or download link of the movie. If you find it, please send me a private message, or the WeChat public account Lelife and Love IT


Figure 6: Wang Jinkang’s short science fiction novel “Seven Shells” was made into a movie in 2017

8. Back to the present, look at the current pioneer Facebook. It should not be called the CEO of Meta. Zuckerberg, who is trying to become the hegemon of the new world, has a vision for the future.

However, ” the meta-universe trying to plan and control cannot grow into an exciting new world “


Figure 7: On October 28, 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, embracing the meta universe

9. Metaverse can be seen as the sinking of experience economy

1) The experience economy can be traced back to Toffler’s “Future Impact” in 1970

I remember there is still a year, I don’t know if it’s because I can’t buy the book, or if it’s cheaper to print after calculating the cost. I printed it, but I asked someone in the library to make a photocopy of the entire book.

Later I did a similar thing to burn a disc. It is useless now, because the acquisition of information is very convenient. The same thing will happen to the use of information.

2) Empowerment and equality: the use of information will gradually lower the threshold, from the elite to the general public

The mid-to-high-end experience economy will also be the same. See “Thinking of Toutiao and Pinduoduo & BlockChain Storage No. 5. Blockchain Storage-Intelligent Matching of Storage Supply and Demand”, which elaborates on Pinduoduo and Taobao three or four years ago. The location and size of the search box are different, and the underlying logic is similar.

A friend surnamed Chen had doubts about empowerment and equality:

“This is probably wishful thinking: wherever there are people, there are rivers and lakes, there are levels, and there is a gap between (rich and poor).”

I agree with this question, but what I want to express is:

Equal opportunities, equal non-results. The endowment is different, the degree of effort is also different, the result must be different.

In addition, I want to add that people who want to make a difference and are not lazy should strive to improve their level from  1) consumption and entertainment  to 2) application, practice  and 3) thinking and innovation , and the human experience will be richer and more profound.


Figure 8: The movie “Out of Control Players”

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