9 Essential Tools NFT Creators Need


From CRM systems to e-commerce platforms and mobile applications, businesses in every industry are relying on digital technology like never before. The same is true in the world of NFTs – to keep customers engaged and sticky, we need to leverage a plethora of digital platforms.

There is now a range of tools that make creating and minting NFTs a breeze.

So, what do we need to do to realize our NFT dream? Check out our list of the top 9 must-have tools if we want our collection to be a long-term success.


The main purpose of developing Discord is to facilitate instant communication with other users. Currently, Discord has more than 140 million active users who communicate with each other, share ideas, exchange information, sell and buy digital products – of course, for many NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Discord is a must-have platform.

What’s more, the level of segmentation Discord offers is second to none – creators can analyze their audience very carefully, looking at what they’re interested in, what they’ve bought or traded in the past, and even where it’s from – and then make sure they Find the right people with the right things at the right time. This may explain why today’s NFT ad campaigns dedicate 50% of their budget to Discord.


People spend an average of nearly 2.5 hours a day on social media — so it’s no surprise that NFT developers want to use these channels to reach potential buyers and established communities. Buffer is the social media toolkit we need to publish online, manage communities and drive engagement. We can plan, create, schedule, and automate posts across a range of platforms—impressing and exciting communities with great content.

What’s more, with Buffer, creators can build a beautiful page to guide their NFT community. Buffer provides creators with flexibility and power, and users can create a beautiful page for their NFT projects without requiring a lot of technical knowledge. And it’s all free.


In order to publish a collection, engage our users, and publish our roadmap, we need a website. Webflow is recommended for building something that both looks great and does the job we want.

Its online visual editing platform allows users to design, build, and publish websites without much technical knowledge—perfect if we’re just starting out. Webflow has over 350,000 business customers who love the intuitive and easy-to-use platform and comprehensive functionality.


We may have heard of NiftyKit – a no-code platform solution where people can easily create, manage and sell NFTs on their own custom smart contracts.

The advantage of using NiftyKit is that unlike other platforms where users need to own cryptocurrency to participate and mint their first NFT, on NiftyKit users can pay for a subscription to access their unique NFT minting platform and then They can customize and manage their smart contracts and NFTs.


VoxEdit allows creators to rig and craft their NFTs through an easy-to-use keyframe mode and sell them on the SandBox marketplace.

Why do creators love it? Because we don’t have to be a technologist to create the most engaging, creative and fun animation designs.


Here, we’ll dive into the specifics of building NFTs. NFT-generator.art allows creators to generate NFTs and deploy them to the blockchain simply and easily. We don’t need coding at all. Create our layer, import our assets, hit “Generate” and we’re done.

It’s also fully customizable, so we can provide different attributes, rarity tiers, and more. great stuff.


Want to bring NFTs to life? We needed Mixamo – an intuitive, versatile platform for animated characters.

In addition to creating our own characters, we can browse a collection of pre-built high-quality 3D characters – from realistic to cartoon, fantasy to sci-fi. Each character is fully textured and rigged and we can use them in our own creative projects right away.


Bueno promises to help us generate an almost unlimited number of NFTs, it allows creators to upload their assets, control rarity, and create NFTs without writing any code. This single platform solution for all NFTs is in high demand – there is currently a waiting list to use it.


We believe that the answer to creating value for NFTs lies in utility. Giving our NFTs a real, quantifiable value can generate customer interest, create new revenue streams and increase brand loyalty. In fact, many experts believe that NFTs with utility are critical to the future success of the field.

Tropee is a no-code platform for creating, launching and managing NFT utilities. Tropee’s questionnaires will help us figure out the tools that work best for us, from exclusives, newly released whitelists, events, tickets and more.


Hopefully by now you have a fairly comprehensive toolkit to help us at every stage of our NFT journey – from deciding what our collection should look like, to building and uploading our NFT, to to creating them – and others, to keep our community active and loyal.

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