88 yuan to more than 100,000 capital bosses are starting to sharpen their swords again

The so-called real estate in Metaverse can only be regarded as a virtual digital product. Since there is no real asset and it does not conform to the concept of digital asset, it is currently not protected by relevant laws in China. Bamei experienced it, and it was far worse than Tencent’s food stealing game back then.

Ever since Zuckerberg lost his “face” and led the company to shift its main business to Metaverse, the world’s technology circles and capital circles have not calmed down. The world’s top companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Tencent, Byte, etc. have gathered to enter the Metaverse.

Many people think that Metaverse is a virtual public platform that interconnects everything. In fact, Metaverse is only a concept at present. The so-called Metaverse that you log in now is actually a virtual world platform developed by some companies based on blockchain technology, which means the same thing as Tencent’s game platform.

How Metaverse should play and how to do it, I guess even Zack Burke and other bigwigs have not figured it out, but it does not prevent many people from talking, some people have already earned the first pot of gold because of this.

The three words “Metaverse” mentioned in the A-share announcement, the stock price has at least doubled since November; nearly 70,000 people have paid for the “Frontier Course · Metaverse 12 Lectures” on the APP, which sells for 49 yuan. Learning; books related to Metaverse have been selling very hot recently…


Get a screenshot of Xianyu

The craziest thing is “selling a house” on the Metaverse.

A few days ago, the media reported that the original price of virtual real estate on Xianyu was 88 yuan and the asking price was 100,000. After searching, the price has risen to 188,800, and 13 people said they “want”.

The Metaverse is nothing but “real estate speculation” at the end.

A piece of land in Metaverse, a suite in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Last month, singer Lin Junjie announced on Twitter that he had bought three virtual lands on Decentraland.According to foreign media estimates, Lin Junjie spent about 123,000 U.S. dollars (approximately RMB 784,000) to purchase these three pieces of land.

JJ Lin’s news has unveiled the tip of the iceberg of Metaverse real estate speculation.

At present, there are two relatively mature Metaverse products abroad, namely “Decentraland” and “Sandbox”.

The first major virtual real estate transaction in Decentraland was in June 2021, when a piece of land was sold for US$913,000. Immediately after the end of November, another piece of digital land with a virtual area of ​​approximately 565 square meters on Decentraland was sold for US$2.43 million, setting a new record for virtual real estate transactions.

On November 30, Republic Realm, a company that invests and develops virtual real estate, purchased a piece of virtual land on the sandbox game platform The Sandbox for US$4.3 million (approximately 27.4 million yuan), setting the record for the transaction price of virtual real estate once again. .

The money is not a problem to buy a house in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Note that this is only the land price. According to market price statistics, the land price of these two virtual real estates far exceeds the land price of Manhattan, New York. After the “house” is built, the housing price will not lose to Manhattan.

Statistics show that in the week from November 22nd to 28th, the total transaction volume of the four major Metaverse real estate trading platforms was close to 106 million U.S. dollars.

The purpose of “hoarding land” in the virtual world is similar to that of land speculation in the real world.

Janine Yorio, co-founder of Republic Realm in the United States, told the media that the company has purchased 2,500 digital land on 19 Metaverse platforms. The company has hired designers to design virtual homes and shopping malls, and will collect rent from tenants after completion.

Whether it is renting out, reselling or vacant after development, waiting for the land to appreciate, Yorio thinks it is a good choice.

Domestically, it is not too much. The popular economic company Tianxia Show launched the “Rainbow Universe” game. Because it was labeled as Metaverse, it attracted more than 170,000 people to make reservations without opening registration.

The “Rainbow Universe” platform will issue a total of 350,000 virtual houses. According to the issuance and scarcity of the room types, the houses are classified into SSS, SS, S, A, B, and C from high to low. The higher the level, the more rare. The corresponding price is also marked as ranging from 8.88 yuan to 88 yuan.

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that the SS-level “Islands around the Sea” that had been fired to 188,800 came from Rainbow Universe.


Rainbow Universe “World Map”

Even if you buy an island around the sea for 188,800 yuan, Rainbow Universe cannot provide more services. At present, this game only provides two services: “decoration” and “calling in”. The author experienced it, and it was far worse than the game where Tencent stole food.

The so-called real estate in Metaverse can only be regarded as a virtual digital product. Since there is no real asset and it does not conform to the concept of digital asset, it is currently not protected by relevant laws in China.

In foreign countries, because of capital intervention, the money-making model seems crazy and old-fashioned.

Old wine in new bottles, isn’t it speculation?

Is the Metaverse you imagined as shown in the movie “Ready Player One”. After putting on the “glasses”, you can travel through the virtual world and live a life that people on earth can’t touch.


But the reality of the Metaverse is like this. Even the Metaverse presented by American companies is not as interesting as Tetris in terms of image quality, gameplay and experience.


Metaverse has extremely high requirements for equipment, technology, and content. Looking at the entire world, there is no company that can meet one of them. In other words, the Metaverse is currently only a concept, or a pseudo concept that has not been falsified.

Then the question comes again. What do these people do for real estate speculation in the virtual world?

In the domestic market, players can only obtain virtual real estate by taking advantage of the first-hand advantage, and then change hands to “cash out” on second-hand platforms.

Take Rainbow Universe as an example. As long as you add as friends, you can “transfer” real estate to each other, and you can pay through Alipay or WeChat payment. According to media reports, since November this year, some people have made more than 100,000 yuan in second-hand housing transactions in Rainbow Universe.

In foreign countries, neither Sandbox nor Decentraland can be called a Metaverse in the strict sense. It is more like a game currency trading platform that virtualizes intangible assets for trading.

People who have played “Fantasy Westward Journey” should know more about the fact that hard-to-play equipment can be sold for money, but foreign platforms “legitimate” transactions and can be traded openly on the platform.

In platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland, SAND and MANA tokens are used to buy and sell real estate respectively. For example, in the sky-high real estate transaction on Decentraland, the transaction was not $2.43 million in cash, but 618,000 MANA.

MANA is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the Decentraland Metaverse project, and users use it to buy and sell assets in this virtual space. Looking at the price trend of MANA in the past year, MANA has entered an abnormal surge phase since November. At this time, it is the stage where the metaverse is being smashed. Such a perfect fit certainly cannot be summarized by the word “coincidence”.


MANA price trend

In fact, this is how they play, using the pseudonym of Metaverse Real Estate to speculate virtual currency.

Their hype tactics seem to be lofty, they are stunned, and the gameplay is surprisingly simple. They are nothing more than using the basic economic law of “supply and demand to determine prices” to play stupid.

Under the guise of decentralization, it seems that all people participate. In fact, the right to determine all factors such as daily games, virtual land and real estate belongs to the company. So we see that almost every Metaverse company has set a limited number of virtual lands that could be wirelessly expanded.

It’s time for the people involved in the hype to appear.

They cooperate with the company to promote the scarcity of virtual assets, artificially increase the price of virtual assets, creating the illusion that virtual assets are “valuable”, and at the same time cooperate with the scarce liquidity in the market to attract speculators, and they may also seek out virtual currency speculation. Get more space.

In the Metaverse world, both MANA and SAND belong to the concept of NFT currency. In the world of NFT, “everything can be tokenized”, and the price is unpredictable. As long as you participate in it, you must play with their trading currency, and the “currency” is made by them.

Once “playing with coins”, a ready-made example is Bitcoin. Some people earn hundreds of millions of net worth with the price of a few hamburgers, while others use leverage to clear the net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Before this game of drumming and spreading flowers is destroyed, someone will always become a leek.

Metaverse real estate speculation, who has harvested?

In the early 1730s, crazy Dutch people played with tulips. They no longer bought tulips for their viewing and intrinsic value, but expected their prices to rise indefinitely and profit.

This kind of expectation that someone is willing to pay a high price created the first financial bubble in human history, and it was called the “Bossy Theory” when it was put on textbooks.

Today, the concept of “speculation” has been engraved in the financial market like a gene, and a subject matter has been picked up within a short period of time.

It is difficult to say whether the Metaverse will succeed in the end, but there is a tendency to be used as a leek dish.

If the Metaverse is a plate of leeks, the most advanced players are Zuckerberg and other bigwigs, and they are playing in the capital circle.

They prepared the dishes and brought them to the table. Although they didn’t move a chopstick during the whole process, they still enthusiastically told the “capital” how and how good a dish is.

If the Metaverse succeeds, they will be promoted to the altar, and their value will naturally rise at the level of tens of billions of dollars; the Metaverse is unsuccessful, relying on a vague and distant rhetoric, it can also raise the stock price for a period of time; it will not suffer any loss.

The player in the middle is playing the plate.

For example, Lin Junjie bought a piece of land on Metaverse for 780,000 yuan, and he could build a house, a museum, a shop, and an amusement park.

In good times, it can double the geometric level. Even if he loses money, Lin Junjie doesn’t seem to be going to die because he loses 780,000, and he will pay back by singing a song.

Only the bottom players think about how to eat leeks.

Everyone heard that Metaverse could make money by selling real estate, and everyone swarmed in. The virtual real estate of 8.8 yuan can’t be appreciated, and the virtual real estate of 188,000 yuan is too expensive.

At this time, the sickle on the head was chopped off, the price of virtual real estate was greatly reduced, and many people cut meat. As a result, the virtual housing price went up again, and another group of people chased it up, and then was cut with leeks, and so on.

From October to the end of December this year, there will be 77 events held in Decntraland, including art exhibitions, music festivals, game competitions, corporate conferences, etc. Tokens.com said that they will use this land to expand the digital fashion industry and sell virtual clothing.

You see, the virtual real estate has finished rising, and it’s time for the virtual clothing industry again.

If there is no Zuckerberg pattern and Lin Junjie’s financial resources, it is recommended to stay away from the hype of the Metaverse.

As an ordinary person, who can guarantee that he can run away before the “ebb” without being seen naked?

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