The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

Game phone or Metaverse interface, Black Shark has made a choice.

Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company owned by Xiaomi, is about to be acquired by Tencent. It is said that the price is nearly 3 billion.

The last work of Black Shark, the Black Shark 5 equipped with Xiaolong 8 series, will also be launched as scheduled this year. Then it will live in a different way and live in the Metaverse built by Tencent.

What Tencent sees is not Black Shark’s status as the “first brother” in the gaming mobile phone industry, but its R&D capabilities for gaming hardware – it can become the entrance to the Metaverse, a tool in it, and even unimaginable things at present. to some kind of module.

The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

But Black Shark’s first business, Black Shark mobile phone – that doesn’t matter. Because the entire gaming phone industry is less important in the face of the Metaverse.

In 2020, the share of game-related mobile phone categories will not exceed 3%.

This shows that in the mobile phone market segment, after women’s mobile phones, music mobile phones, and camera phones, mobile phones specifically for games are also drifting away from the market. Now, which flagship phone does not have a female color matching? Which camera does not seek professional cooperation? Which speaker doesn’t add Dolby sound, and which one can’t play games at high frame rates?

And those manufacturers specializing in the production of game phones are also looking for the next outlet. Game phones are not popular, and there is always a spare tire in the business.

The needs of the Metaverse provide a new blue ocean for gaming phone factories that are essentially hardware manufacturers.

Regardless of whether the concept of the Metaverse is flickering or not, it is after all the best promised land that can be reached by game mobile phone manufacturers nowadays.

01Why Black Shark

At Xiaomi, the reality faced by the Black Shark gaming phone is somewhat magical.

In 2018, when Black Shark entered the smartphone market, the era of the division of the domestic mobile phone industry has come to an end, and giants such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have firmly established their positions. Competition in the mobile phone industry has begun to develop into market segments.

Xiaomi’s investment in Black Shark mobile phones is based on its segmentation of the gaming market.

At that time, Xiaomi subscribed 33.93 million to obtain a 46.6% stake in Black Shark. In March 2019, when Black Shark released the second-generation mobile phone, Lei Jun also personally posted Weibo as its platform.

The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

At that time, the mobile phone giants who were busy with market segments were also staring at the game field. For example, vivo’s iQOO, ZTE’s Red Devils, Asus’ ROG, and even Razer, a major gaming peripheral hardware manufacturer, are also involved.

At that time, Black Shark mainly focused on “professional game phone factory, making professional game phones”, and with the platform of Xiaomi’s big bosses such as Lei Jun, it quickly gathered a group of game fans.

In 2018, Black Shark’s product sales reached hundreds of thousands of units that year, achieving breakeven.

Although it is classified as Xiaomi, the Black Shark is not a son after all. In addition, in 2019, the products launched by Black Shark failed to use the popular 120HZ refresh screen at the time, which caused players to criticize its misjudgment of technology and industry trends. When the market took a sharp turn, Black Shark encountered Tencent.

In January 2020, Black Shark Technology and Tencent Games announced their cooperation – at the March press conference, the new products were named “Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3” and “Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 Pro”. At that time, Tencent Advanced Vice President Ma Xiaoyi also dedicated his platform through video.

The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

It is difficult to say whether this cooperation has paved the way for “Tencent to buy Black Shark” now. But at that time, Xiaomi’s internal attitude towards “game phones” was constantly changing. For example, after the Redmi brand became independent, under the management of Lu Weibing, the K40, which featured “game enhancement”, was launched in April last year.

From a gaming phone specially built for mobile games to a mobile phone with a “game enhancement” function – the transition between a few words declares the fact that the era of professional gaming phones is slowly coming to an end.

02 The embarrassment of gaming phones

From the beginning of the game mobile phone, it has been labeled as a “pseudo proposition”.

One is that game phones are essentially mobile phones, not a game platform. Compared with portable game consoles such as PSP, Switch, and even 3DS, although their hardware levels are comparable, no game company has launched an exclusive game for a mobile phone. .

“Non-platform” has become the shackles of game phones, because there is no software exclusive, game phones can only compete on hardware.

But there is little competition among the highly homogeneous mobile phone hardware.

The gaming phone brands currently on the market—Black Shark, Red Magic, Asus, and Razer, all released flagship phones, all of which have Snapdragon 888+ CPUs and 12G of memory. These configurations are also used on other flagship phones. foundation in foundation.

In order to take care of game performance, mobile phone manufacturers began to toss things other than mainstream configurations.

For example, in terms of heat dissipation, the air cooling is not cool and the liquid cooling is used, which makes the back of the game phone extremely exaggerated. Judging from the current situation, the standard 165HZ high refresh screen has become a trend in the future. Some models even install RGB color bars around the mobile phone in order to show the power of the game phone.

The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

These designs make the development of gaming mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones run counter to each other. While mainstream mobile phone manufacturers strive to make new mobile phones light, thin and portable, gaming mobile phones are in the opposite direction in terms of weight and size. A gaming phone launched by the Red Devils, because the back cover needs to be equipped with a large-capacity battery and a complex cooling system, its thickest point reaches an astonishing 10.32mm.

Such a bloated figure is only to make mobile game players “not stuck” when playing games – or the game phone has fallen into some kind of vicious circle, as if the heavier the phone, the more powerful it is in performance.

This is not the case.

Mainstream mobile phones have also made great efforts to improve industrial design, taking into account thinness and gaming performance. For example, when the iPhone 13 is in full-on image quality mode, it can play “Honor of Kings” at a stable temperature of 120 frames; and the Xiaomi Mi 12 released not long ago. The pros are also comparable in game performance.

Software and hardware are highly similar. What is the game phone playing?

Take a look at the 230 invention patent application information of Black Shark Technology, including “a sealing structure for chip signals”, “a method and system for enhancing the AI ​​performance of intelligent terminals”. In addition to the 9 mobile phones that have been released, Black Shark also has in-ear gaming headsets, split e-sports mobile game shoulder buttons and other products.

These peripheral research and development may be the value and focus of game mobile phone factories.

03 Next stop Metaverse

Due to the continuous iteration of game mobile phones, they do not have an advantage in sales because they overlap with mainstream mobile phones.

Data shows that in 2020, the share of game-related mobile phone categories will not exceed 3%. Lu Weibing also revealed: “The total shipments of gaming mobile phone brands in 2020 will be around 1.7 million.”

How vulnerable is the number “1.7 million” – in the mobile phone sales list in June 2021, only the iPhone 12 model surpassed the sales of 1.8 million.

The end of the game phone is the Metaverse?

This shows that the gaming phone itself is a niche market. So the question is, how do professional game phone manufacturers live?

Black Shark was spotted by Tencent and followed to engage in the Metaverse, and its action was early enough.

Since November last year, Black Shark Technology has applied for registration of a number of Metaverse-related trademarks, including “Metaverse Black Shark”, “Black Shark Metaverse”, “Black Shark META”, “Multiverse” and “Black Shark”. Shark Multiverse”.

Although ZTE’s Red Devils did not embrace Tencent’s thighs, they also started a Metaverse — the Red Devils universe.

An article describes this “universe” as follows: VR devices will become the most important hardware entrance to the Red Devils Metaverse. The Red Devils Metaverse will interact with the virtual IP of the Red Devils and users’ self-built avatars. Recognize forms such as real-time rendering to create your own Metaverse image.

As a professional game hardware manufacturer, Razer has access to Metaverse peripheral hardware earlier than Meta (formerly Facebook) – in 2015, it launched an open source virtual reality system for programming various virtual reality technologies and open source.

In 2015, the word “Metaverse” has not yet been born in the human world.

Game phone manufacturers are trying new businesses one after another. On the one hand, it shows that the original industry can’t eat or eat enough. On the other hand, it is also to chase the next outlet – to create or integrate into a Metaverse project.

In addition, if the game is removed and only the mobile phone hardware is left, who can they compete against?

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