Summary of new consumer investment and financing data in November

“New Consumption Daily” is incomplete statistics. In November, a total of 94 rounds of financing were completed in the new consumption sector, with a total amount of 6.05 billion, which does not include 23 rounds of financing such as Yuyou Together , Future Tea Wave Willcha, Yecuishan, and Huang Xiaozhu. (The summary picture of new consumer investment and financing data in November is at the end of the article)

Compared with the “cooling” in September and October, the capital market’s attention to new consumption seems to be picking up in November. Among the 11 months, the amount of financing in November was only less than the three months of July, August, and September; There are 23 undisclosed projects, so no comparison is made in terms of amount, and it is estimated that it will be ranked in the upper middle and upper reaches of the 11 months.

New consumption Daily drawing

01 November new consumer investment and financing data

Specifically, in the investment and financing in November, it is enough to see that food, beverages, and beauty and personal care are still the key tracks of capital attention.

New consumption Daily drawing

In November, the Food and Beverage Circuit raised 33 financings, with a total amount of 2.619 billion (8 rounds of financing undisclosed amount); while the Beauty and Personal Care Circuit generated a total of 18 financings with a total amount of 1.733 billion. There were also 8 rounds of financing undisclosed. Disclosure amount.

What’s worth noting is that the subsequent race tracks of maternal and child, clothing accessories, and home furnishings in November have received less financing. Instead, new retail platforms, trendy games , trendy products and other sub-tracks have attracted more attention.

In terms of financing rounds, the number of A rounds in November is the same as the angel round + seed rounds. Earlier, “New Consumption Daily” mentioned in the summary that capital’s caution towards early projects has gradually increased. In the first few months, the proportion of Series A series has become higher and higher than that of Angel rounds. And the November reciprocity is not the capital “crazy” again, but the beginning of new concepts and new track effects.

New consumption Daily drawing

In fact, this can be seen from the amount of financing. Among the 94 financings, projects that were basically in the early stage of financing amounted to less than 30 million accounted for 41%, which was a slight increase from last month. It can be seen that capital is mostly in the testing stage for these projects. .

New consumption Daily drawing

02 Food and Drink Track: Offline is still hot, brand capital continues to debut

There is no doubt that offline catering still plays an important role in the second half of new consumption. A total of 10 rounds of financing were raised in November, and offline catering brands accounted for a quarter of projects that raised more than 100 million yuan.

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

Among them, the new Lanzhou beef noodle brand “Chen Xianggui”, which was established in 2020, has raised four rounds in less than two years. The A+ round in November is already the fourth round of publicly available financing, which is far from the last financing. Only 4 months, and after the last financing, Chen Xianggui’s valuation has been close to 1 billion yuan.

In addition, although the fast food/seasoning subdivision track has no advantage in the amount of financing, it should not be underestimated. Of the four brands raised in November, two were undisclosed, and the other two were all at the level of 100 million yuan. The condiment brand “Jia Dian Wei” was established in September 2020, and three rounds of financing have been completed within one year. It is reported that the new product “Jian You Chicken Soup Bowl Chicken Seasoning”, which was launched in April, will be launched at the end of June and will be launched within 2 months. 500,000 boxes were sold on the entire network; and the “Shabu Hot Pot Series Flavor Soup Base” launched in February was launched in April, and it was the No. 1 brand of Tmall soup seasonings in July, August, and September. During Double Eleven this year, the actual amount paid on the first day of the Tmall flagship store exceeded 1.1 million yuan.

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

In the second half of the year, we can see that new brands frequently enter the market as capital. In the food and beverage track, Hey Tea acquired the “Molecular Juice” pioneer “Ye Cuishan” in November; Yuanqi Forest invested in Maihou Technology, or developed and merged Sell ​​instant noodles such as snail noodles and hot and sour noodles. There are also the old brand Juewei Foods in November that successively launched three projects: Fulaida , Palo Burger, Wuyin Liangpin, and each project financing is at the level of 100 million yuan, and the latter two even reached hundreds of millions of yuan. .

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

03 Beauty industry: skin care componentization, oral care getting hotter

Under the influence of the epidemic last year, “functional skin care” became more and more popular. Since the new wave of consumption , financing for skin care has basically focused on the word “ingredients”, and this is also true for financing in November. Five financing skin care brands such as Keshilifu, Fresh Food, Freda, Meiye Bio, and Weiming Shiguang all focus on efficacy, and even the cosmetics brand focuses on both “pure ingredients” and “excellence”. “Make-up effect” is aimed at core consumer groups such as “sensitive skin”, “pregnant women”, “medicine people” and “new white-collar workers”.

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

In addition, the oral care track is worthy of attention. Previously, Chinese consumers only paid attention to oral care in two areas: one was basic consumer products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes; the other was dental clinics that needed treatment for oral diseases. With the emergence of a large number of cutting-edge brands in the oral care industry, such as Duanban and BOP, and consumers have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of oral care, the oral care market is still expanding.

Prior to the first half of the year, more capital values ​​were more biased towards consumer product brands, such as mouthwashes and oral fresheners. According to data, the vector growth of sub-categories such as mouthwashes and oral fresheners during Double 11 in 2020 will exceed 100%. However, in the second half of the year, the financing of dental chain institutions obviously began to increase. Of the 6 projects funded in November, 4 were all dental chain institutions. Of course, this is greatly related to consumer demand. On the one hand, the number of patients with oral diseases in my country is increasing. According to the “China Health Statistics Yearbook 2020” report, the number of people suffering from oral diseases in my country in 2018 was about 697 million. In 2019, the number of oral patients increased to 700 million, showing an upward trend year by year with a huge base; on the other hand, the new generation of consumers pay more attention to the role of teeth in the entire face, and the demand for beauty products is more diversified. .

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

And this diversity is not only armed to the teeth, but also armed to the eyes. In November, the color pupil brand “moody” completed another C round of financing of over RMB 1 billion. In addition, moody, established in 2019, has become the leading brand in the domestic color pupil industry, with online sales steadily ranking first. In 2020 alone, moody’s sales have exceeded 200 million. This year, it is expected to achieve a transaction scale of over 800 million, and moody’s repurchase rate is close to 50%.

04 New tracks and new concepts become new driving forces for new consumer financing

In addition to these two major tracks, capital’s understanding of “new consumption” has begun to extend deeper, and more and more subdivided tracks and niche lifestyles have begun to enter the capital’s eyes, such as camping, skiing, indoor playgrounds, Cultural play, social networking, etc. Among them, there are two points worthy of attention:

First, the concept of “Metaverse” began to collide with new consumption. For example, the digital art museum operator ” Blooming Technology” is currently actively constructing “Blooming Digital Art Museum-Metaverse Space”, and is committed to building the project into a world-class cutting-edge digital art check-in mecca and Metaverse experience space. Another example is the “Mysterious Oasis”, a new retail organization for cultural and creative IP digital collections, which focuses on the retail application scenarios of cultural and creative IP in the fields of blockchain and Metaverse. And “Tagging” also claims to create a new type of Metaverse social application, that is, to build a ticket to Metaverse by creating a virtual digital identity for users.

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

The second is the popularity of new retail platforms. The “new retail” here does not distinguish between online and offline channels, but mostly refers to the construction of digital channels. Similar to discount stores, beauty retail chains, etc., “New Consumer Daily” has been introduced before; like “Sankeng” (Hanfu, JK Uniform, Lolita) large collection store brand “Poetry and Wanhuajing” is more of a niche crowd Hobby; “Wish Box Match Box” is more of an experience co-creation platform that connects brands and consumers.

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

The “Mysterious Oasis” mentioned above currently covers major cultural and entertainment hotspot industries such as literature, animation, film and television, sports, music, trendy toys, figurines, etc. The monthly GMV growth rate is as high as 500%, and it is also preliminary. built into a number of 10,000 of consumer private domain traffic pool. The social consumer APP “Lotuo” is committed to upgrading from traffic thinking to marketing thinking, allowing users to become the spokesperson of every physical store, and realizing the digital marketing transformation of physical stores.

In addition, on November 4, the trend retail eco-industry “KK Group” has submitted an application for issuance and listing, and officially launched the listing process in Hong Kong. There are many chain retail brands including the KK Pavilion which includes imported FMCG categories such as food, beauty and personal care, KKV, a brand collection store focusing on exquisite life, The Colorist, a large domestic makeup collection brand, and X11, a global fashion collection brand X11. After the latest round of financing in July this year, KK Group’s valuation reached 20 billion.

The following is a summary of new consumer investment and financing data in November:

New consumption Daily drawing, data source Internet public information

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