7 ways to make money in the Axie Infinity economy


Axie Infinity is a playable and profitable fighting game. Because of its playable and profitable economic mechanism, it has provided considerable income for thousands of people around the world. There are many ways to participate in the game economy. We have listed the most common ways to participate in Axie Infinity and become a citizen of Lunacia’s virtual world. 

The economics of Axie Infinity are mainly related to their SLP tokens. When writing in-game reward tokens or Smooth Love Potions (SLP), its value set a historical record. One SLP is now worth $0.39. By winning the battle, players will receive SLP tokens. They need these tokens to nurture new Axie and allow more players to join the world of Axie Infinity. At the same time, the AXS governance token also gained momentum. At the beginning of the month, its value increased by 433% to more than $21.

A dedicated player can earn 200 SLP every day, we assume 100 SLP here. The current rate is $39, which means that based on 30 days of work, the monthly income is $1,170. Axie Infinity is already very popular in developing countries such as the Philippines, India, Venezuela, Brazil and Indonesia. The economy of Axie Infinity can provide considerable income for people in developing countries.

Let’s take a look at some money-making opportunities and learn more about the economy of games.

Axie Infinity players

With three Axie NFTs, I started playing Axie Infinity. Everyone who owns 3 Axies can get SLP tokens. However, the price of Axies has risen a lot in the past year. Now the cheapest one is 0.246 ETH or 480 USD, and players need to have 3 to start the game. In order to solve this problem, the community proposed a scholarship program.

Through the scholarship program, people can use Axies without actually having it. They will get a revenue share from SLP proceeds. Of course, Axie players who own assets can get 100% SLP income. However, those who rent Axies need to pay a fee, and the general income that can be obtained is between 70% and 90%. It depends on the business construction with the Axie owner and its scholarship manager. 

Axie owner

Axie owners can put their Axie NFT in different wallets, each of which is tied to an email address and login password. With the login account and password, third-party users can also access Axies and play games. Therefore, Axie owners can create employment opportunities by creating so-called scholarship accounts. The owner of 100 Axies in the wallet can take advantage of this advantage. At the same time, this method also brings passive income to Axie owners through the efforts of “scholarship recipients”. Axie owners who offer scholarship opportunities usually receive 5% to 10% of SLP income.  

Axie Scholarship Manager

Since these renters may require some time and guidance, the Axie owner usually arranges the Axie Scholarship Manager to act as an intermediary. They help renters optimize their SLP income and share the income generated from it. An Axie scholarship manager usually helps 10 to 20 people. Axie scholarship managers receive 5% to 10% of their income from each renter in their portfolio.

Axie breeder

Axie breeders are probably one of the least talked about professions in the Axie community. Each Axie can only breed 7 times. In order for new players to join the game, breeders need to stay active. However, to breed an Axie, you need not only two Axie NFTs, but also enough SLP tokens. Every time Axie breeds, the next time it breeds will be more expensive. Every time you breed an Axie, you need 4 AXS and a bunch of SLP tokens. Two Axies for the first breeding require 150 SLP costs, while the cost of the seventh breeding is even higher.

This means that, at current prices, as mentioned above, the cost of cultivating an Axie in terms of AXS and SLP is at least $80 and $60, respectively. When SLP becomes very expensive, the cost of reproduction will rise exponentially. Calculating with each SLP being 0.39 US dollars, it is conceivable that it will cost a lot of money to cultivate an Axie for the seventh time.

It is safe to say that becoming an Axie breeder requires strong financial resources. However, you also need to understand this. Axie breeders are very similar to trading investors: buy when SLP prices are low, and sell when Axies prices are high.

Axie content creator

Axie Infinity does not allow content creators to simply use images from Axies to produce and sell artwork. However, gamers who own Axie can make artwork based on their Axie. We have seen this in Coke and Almace, and a lot of creative content creation has been done around these two extremely rare Axies. Creative content creators can get commissions for providing services to Axie owners.

Axie token trader

Entering Axie Infinity and respecting their world does not mean that you also need to play their games. With the listing of AXS and SLP tokens, Axie Infinity provides traders with the opportunity to invest in their tokens. SLP has increased in value by 1500% in the past year, while AXS has increased by 449% from mid-June to early July. (This is not investment advice, interested investors can research on their own)


You can trade AXS and SLP tokens on DappRadar

Axie land owner

In the past few months, we have seen a large number of Axie Infinity land NFT sales. These plots sell for thousands of dollars. However, land-based gameplay is not yet live, so these purchases are still speculative. Land ownership is likely to bring new jobs to the game world, from farmers to builders. At present, Axie’s land owners are mainly investors or traders, but I believe it may soon be much more than that.

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