618 exam: Metaverse, Li Jiaqi, who can relieve the masses of “online shopping fatigue”?

618 The e-commerce war is rolling up again

How difficult is 618 for businessmen this year?

“It’s over, I can’t sleep, how can there be big promotions and habitual insomnia?” Li Jiaqi, the top anchor who started this year’s 618 promotion on May 26, shouted on Weibo after Wei Ya and Sydney collapsed due to tax problems. , anxiety to insomnia. Carrying the bulk of this year’s 618 KPIs alone is an unbearable pressure for ordinary people.


Tmall’s cross-store 300 minus 50, JD.com designated 299 minus 50, this exaggerated full discount has awakened consumers and hurt merchants. In the era of online shopping, the profit of 50% off 300 pieces of goods can be described as a big hemorrhage. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the flow of e-commerce platforms is low and the purchasing power of the masses has declined. Therefore, whether or not to participate in 618 has become a dilemma for merchants recently. In the eyes of merchants, this year is worthy of “The hardest 618 in history”.

For consumers, the 618, which started ahead of schedule this year, has little voice in the public opinion field, but to be honest, the strength of discounts and potential explosion points are really not small. The most traffic is still the “Dumiao” Li Jiaqi’s Super 618 live broadcast. The beauty and Amway videos of “Jiaqi Red and Black List” on various platforms have become popular; it is rumored that Taobao plans to prepare the Metaverse project this year, which is full of gimmicks. The “Metaverse Shopping” gameplay has great potential to be out of the circle; Douyin is the first to launch the “Anchor Rising Star Support Program” “618 Anchors Please Be in Place”. The joining of top anchors Liu Genghong and Jia Nailiang has created a ceiling for the 618 star to bring goods to the world.


From thinking about the “cat (Tmall) dog (Jingdong) war” between the two giants in the past, to the current “cat fight dog fast shaking war”, the fierce competition of e-commerce platforms to compete for performance is urging merchants to be forced to fight The main reason for the price war. Double 11 and 618 have made the e-commerce platforms have fought fiercely for so many years. The people’s freshness has faded, the more they buy, the more tired they are, and the phenomenon that they don’t understand the bells and whistles of discounts has not been effectively relieved.

However, as the most important sales window period in the first half of the year, 618 is also a rare opportunity for merchants. First, 2022 is the “first year of hoarding goods”. The normalization of the epidemic in many cities has led to an overwhelming demand for hoarding goods. Second, various e-commerce platforms have launched a number of support policies for the benefit. For example, Tmall launched “25 items”, Douyin e-commerce launched “merchant production escort plan”, and JD.com released 30 “three reductions and three excellent” support measures. Wait. When challenges and opportunities go hand in hand, it is really difficult to make premature conclusions about the current situation of 618 this year.

Metaverse, Li Jiaqi, 300 minus 50, cat and dog war “simplifies complexity”

A “Jane” character is the absolute theme of this year’s 618.

For a long time, “incomprehensible activities” has been the biggest enemy that hinders the masses from shopping happily at the e-commerce festival. In previous years, “a set of operations is as fierce as a tiger, and a discount of two yuan and five” is the norm of 618 shopping. The cumbersome gameplay that started to get annoying has persuaded countless quasi-chop parties.

This year, 618 took the lead in the hot search for topics related to “simplified gameplay”. For example, #618Cancel Deposit Instant Reduction#, changing the brain-burning “deposit instant discount” gameplay to a more direct “straight down pre-sale price”, the discount looks much clearer. Another example is #618Don’t stay up late# , all platforms generally start pre-sale as early as 8:00 p.m., which is quite friendly to non-stay-up parties.


The simple and rude discounts also make the chopping party very happy. With the propaganda slogan “300-50=? Am I…”, Tmall introduced the strongest discount in the history of “300 minus 50” across 618 Tmall stores. The rhythm of the cat’s thinning. On the 26th, celebrities such as Wang Junkai, Zhou Bichang, Su Yiming, Zhao Lusi, and Ouyang Nana posted blogs to help #Tmall618Star Movement Night# that night. Celebrity building is a traditional art of Tmall.

The younger “live version of Taobao” Diantao is even better at marketing. The official blog specially designed several “statement posters” in the style of small street advertisements, and responded to the pain points that 618 users complained the most. The luxurious lineup of 66 stars including Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Zhu Yilong, Zhao Lusi, Zhao Liying, Sha Yi, Yu Shuxin, etc. was invited to start the live broadcast and send autographed photos. This announcement made the big battle live broadcast #66 stars called you to watch the live broadcast# hot search.


Cooling Wei Ya and Sydney, “Li Jiaqi Super 618” has become the only top-notch live broadcast room that focuses on the public’s attention. Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast will be scheduled from May 26th to June 18th, with the slogan “Festival every day” selling one category every day, and continue to offer “Li Jiaqi Super 618 Raiders Document” to facilitate the audience to preview the selected products .

Sina Weibo arranged the announcement of “Li Jiaqi’s broadcast on May 26” on the opening screen many days in advance. Soon after, on Weibo, Station B, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other platforms, various beauty bloggers brushed together. Swipe followed up with a wave of strategy videos introducing the “Jiaqi Red and Black List”, seized the time to help Li Jiaqi girls make up lessons, and copied 618’s homework of hoarding cost-effective beauty products.

However, the biggest publicity stunt of Taobao 618 this year is not Li Jiaqi, but “Metaverse”. According to the exclusive disclosure of the self-media Tech Planet, Taobao has established a Metaverse special project team, and is optimizing the “Metaverse Virtual Shopping Venue” overnight to ensure that users can “three-dimensionally” visit Taobao without wearing external devices. Yuan Tuo also confirmed the news.


In the 33-second Metaverse shopping scene flowing out of the Internet, users can manipulate characters and complete various interactive actions through the floating information panel, shop while shopping in the virtual world, and even invite friends to watch movies and drink coffee. It has to be said that, after playing with the “fancy” promotion routines of e-commerce platforms over the years, “Metaverse Shopping”, a futuristic-looking new thing, may really arouse the enthusiasm of the masses.

As the grandfather of the 618 e-commerce festival, JD.com participated in the 618 battle on May 23 ahead of its old rivals.Shouting out the rude propaganda “Don’t stay up late, remember that 8 pm is enough”, Jingdong reminded “pre-sale” at 8 pm on May 23, “pay the balance” at 8 pm on May 31, and June 17 At 8 p.m., the most important discount nodes of “28 hours at the peak”, limited-time spikes, red envelopes, big surprise coupons, etc. will be launched in turn, and designated stores have a discount of 50% over 299, which is like a “stocking” daily necessities Customized according to the needs of users!


Unfortunately, Jingdong 618 has recently been caught in the whirlpool of negative public opinion. According to Pengbai News, citizen Ms. Wang recently reported that the double bed she planned to buy at 618 with an original price of 3,599 yuan jumped by 1,500 to 5,099 yuan after the pre-sale started. This incident was fired on Weibo. , which caused netizens to complain collectively, “Raise the price first and then discount it, and the ones you buy are not good enough to sell”, and “the routine is year after year, and the hardship is still working as a worker.”

In fact, after so many years, the masses have already penetrated the platform’s promotion routine of “price increase first, then discount”. In addition, the tightening economic environment this year has led to a decline in people’s purchasing power. Businesses have been complaining about the “low traffic” of e-commerce platforms since the beginning of the year.

Liu Genghong, Micro Variety Shows, Crazy Subsidies, Quickly Shaking the New Army “Recruiting Horsemen”

Short videos have been the bulk of the e-commerce traffic in recent years.

Douyin’s “interested e-commerce” and Kuaishou’s “market e-commerce” have both been elevated to the level of core-level strategies by the executives of the two platforms. Today, when the tide of “visual shopping” is rolling in, the short video platform’s natural advantage of “bringing goods with immersive content” has transformed the fast and shaking in recent years into a new force that can threaten traditional e-commerce platforms.

There are many feasible paths for Kuaishu to realize the “e-commerce dream”. The first is to recruit the top streamers of each track cultivated by MCN, use their content traffic to realize e-commerce monetization, and “recruiting horses” to re-enact their successful model. For example, in the “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival” launched as early as April this year, Douyin e-commerce has run through this model several times.


For example, in the previous 520, Douyin invited Liu Genghong and his wife, who are currently the most popular, to launch the “520 for Love Fitness Program”. In the seemingly daily live broadcast, Liu Genghong showed his love to his wife and suddenly implanted products such as I DO diamond ring, FILA sportswear, Ulike hair removal device, etc., which drove the e-commerce sales of related products. And making it live with Zhong Liti and his wife, Zhang Xinyi and his wife, Huang Shengyi and his wife, etc., is equivalent to helping these “little anchors” reproduce the successful model of the couple.

618 is about to usher in, this kind of gameplay of Douyin e-commerce has also been concentratedly displayed in its hatched S+ e-commerce IP “618 Anchor Please Take Place”. “Anchor Please Be In Place” will join hands with Liu Genghong and Jia Nailiang, two top Douyin streamers, as well as four star captains, Huang Shengyi, Shen Tao, Qian Hui, and Zhang Lunshuo, and will pass the national fancy theme challenge, star online interview to grab people, and the theme of 4 big teams. Breakthrough, the 4 major teams relay live broadcasts, and provide more outstanding anchor talents for the e-commerce industry.

This “micro variety show” in the form of star live broadcast will perfectly respond to the 618 node during the closing period. The new star anchor will receive high-quality resources such as platform certification, millions of traffic support, and Douyin traffic entrance inside and outside the show. The content of the #topical challenge is also expected to form a topical voice in the station, and attract new users to enter these anchor live broadcast rooms to participate in the 618 promotion activities.


This year’s “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival” is mainly divided into the event registration period (April 26-June 1) and the event official period (June 1-June 18). For events such as competitions and national task competitions, users can enjoy discounts such as tens of billions of subsidies, low-cost spikes, and shopping red envelopes of up to 6,188 yuan through short video and live broadcast dual tracks.

Kuaishou continued the differentiated play of previous years, focusing on the 616 node to make a fuss about the “616 Real Shopping Festival” covering 3 major tracks and 12 major gameplays, including the super brand live broadcast room, the industry potential live broadcast room, and the preferential seat sprint package three The big track, as well as the core gameplay such as the Kuaishou Store unboxing evaluation, the Kuaishou Store live broadcast preview privilege, and the Talent Bringing Goods Challenge.


Kuaishou’s “616 Real Shopping Festival” is divided into a preparation period (April 28-May 19) and an activity period (May 20-June 18), covering 520, Dragon Boat Festival, Children’s Day and other popular marketing node. At present, the sliding page on the left side of the Kuaishou APP homepage has placed the “616 promotion” in the first place. Click on its special page to find that the Kuaishou promotion is characterized by “crazy subsidies”, such as newcomers only spend 0.01 to purchase laundry beads, Green plum green tea, the ultra-low price of 484 yuan (7585 yuan) to subsidize Huawei P50 is estimated to impress many fast-handed veterans.

We can see that the fast and vibrating 618 promotions have the characteristics of rich content, diverse gameplay and powerful subsidies, but we cannot ignore that the two short video e-commerce platforms also have shortcomings such as single product categories and difficult to find shopping entrances. , When people actively search for e-commerce shopping platforms in a short period of time, Kuaishu is still the backup option behind cats and dogs.

Of course, 618, as a node for instantaneous traffic influx, combined with the short video live broadcast ecology, can easily create a sudden marketing event, just like the donation of the Henan flood that contributed to the popularity of Hongxing Erke’s self-broadcasting studio. If Kuaidou can create event marketing similar to that of taking advantage of the situation, and help the public develop the long-term habit of using Douyin to pay (or Kuaishou) on the site, the future e-commerce potential of the two platforms will be immeasurable.

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