600,000 puppies dance in “Metaverse Nightclub”

Three-step virtual dance: create a character, send a barrage, and get up

At 11 o’clock on Monday night, my friend called me to dance, and I thought to myself, why doesn’t everyone have to go to work? Has the third shot of the new crown vaccine been shot? 

Then she sent a live link, my dear, this is the prototype of the “Metaverse nightclub”——

The venue of “Xiugou Nightclub” is colorful, with 45,000 people incarnating in different forms of Xiugou (homonym of puppy), swinging to the rhythm of the music. A closer look reveals that there are a lot of cats and seals mixed in. 

The bottom of the screen prompts you to send any barrage to join the dance. I shouted “Come on”, and sure enough, a Shiba Inu with my nickname appeared on the dance floor. At the same time, the crowd of di friends around also continued to send out barrages and expressions such as “hey up”, “move forward”, “where is my person”, etc. 


Although everything is virtual, there are huge TV screens and stereos, seafood barbecue stalls on both sides, and fireworks special effects, which still create a sense of atmosphere that a dance disc should have. 

Even the top 3 users who have given the most gifts can also be a rotating DJ, enjoying the privileges of cutting songs, cutting camera positions, and shouting designated words together , which makes people think of the famous scene “The entire consumption is paid by Zhao Gongzi”. 


The UP master of station B, “Xiugou Nightclub Boss”, who is responsible for the live broadcast of “Yun Bundi”, has 450,000 fans, and is very popular among the same type of anchors, with a peak popularity of 600,000.

There are many similar live broadcast rooms. Since 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, offline entertainment venues such as bars, KTVs, and discos have been cold, so a large number of nightclubs have turned to online live broadcast platforms. something less. 

At the end of 2021, the live broadcast of Yunbendi gradually evolved from a DJ’s personal show to a barrage interactive game, a fully virtual entertainment form, and the creators have also expanded to interested amateurs.

At present, the topic of Douyin #yunbundi# has been played more than 200 million times. 


Why do so many people fall in love with Yunbundi? What does it take to create a virtual nightclub? Can you make money from it? Come on, let’s go to the “Metaverse” and take a look. 

Click the music to eat together, the effect is better 

Virtual dance: create characters, send barrages, and get up

If the real Bundi is divided into three steps: organizing the game, consuming, and getting up, then Yun Bundi is: creating a character, posting a barrage, and getting up. 

In virtual nightclubs, the bar for entertainment is lower and more imaginative.

Entering different live broadcast rooms, the character images obtained by users after sending text are random, some are sitting or standing puppies, some are mushroom head emoticons, and some are 3D Hyun Dance Troupe characters with different styles. Puppies are one of the more popular types. 


2021 Yunbundi Awards, the picture is from the UP main “Annidi Hall” of station B 

“Xugou Nightclub Boss” reviewed the history of the nightclub in the video, because he likes Cheems (Internet celebrity Shiba Inu, whose emoticons are mostly used for self-deprecation), and feels that everyone is Cheems, so he created Xiugou Nightclub with the theme . 



In addition to the popular character setting, audiences are also attracted by the novel interactive gameplay.

The basic interaction is also to enter instructions in the comment box. Take Xiugou Nightclub as an example: 

Toy Instruction: Dice. 

Move command: move, stop. 

Dress up the puppy: sunglasses, cola, milk tea, french fries, play with mobile phones. 

Expression command: cry, size, speechless, like, polite, ? ,anger. 

These outfits and action emotes are free to try. According to the boss’s 2021 annual report, the most common barrage sent by the audience is “moving”. 


The boss is a game planner. In his spare time, he used Unity to experimentally develop Xiugou Nightclub. At first, the live broadcast room could only accommodate 200 people. After more than 3,000 people poured in, the newly created “puppy” disappeared as soon as it appeared. Therefore, he renovated and expanded, and added DJ interaction. 

The DJ can control the audience, and the privilege of ordering everyone to shout together attracts the audience to the list and enriches the interactive effect. All I see are confessions to so-and-so, celebrating holidays, praying for exams, and all kinds of buzzwords. 


Being on the list does not mean that you must have krypton gold, and multiple barrages can increase the contribution value. When there are few people, you can easily be promoted to the top of the list by posting a few barrages, and you can order the audience to send out the sentence you entered. In Xiugou nightclub, the character of the first list will also be enlarged, and there is an obvious chasing light. Other live broadcast rooms are also equipped with VIP functions, such as the first five booths, and the DJ can gather everyone to line up, give gifts and order songs. 

Occasionally, the live broadcast room opens the connection PK, and the opposite anchor is stunned when he sees this battle. But interested anchors will also take the initiative to come to the door. “Dylan who loves to rap” even went to Xiugou nightclub to perform impromptu rap live; in the royal special on January 2, the boss linked the virtual anchor “Roy__ Roi” as the DJ, and the audience left messages looking forward to more such cooperation. 


At the end of October 2021, “Xiugou Nightclub Boss” moved from Douyin to station B’s live broadcast, and it rose from 10,000 to 100,000 fans in half a month. In order to maintain the good atmosphere of the nightclub, the boss hired “security guards” to deal with barrage complaints and formulated civilized dance rules. 


It can be seen that the creators and participants of the virtual nightclub are seriously entertaining. On the one hand, they restore the live atmosphere of offline disco, and on the other hand, they continue to improve the live broadcast experience and innovative gameplay. 

According to observations, there are a large number of virtual nightclubs at Station B and Kuaishou, most of which are concentrated below 50,000 fans, and are still a niche circle. The 76,000-fan Kuaishou anchor “Anne Yunbendi” features a double dance hall, with 3D characters leading the dance. Usually, the number of viewers in the live broadcast is between 1,000 and 10,000, and she will open the microphone to guide the audience to operate. 

Fans who are addicted to dancing will feel uncomfortable if they don’t jump for a day, and they are waiting in the live broadcast room and shouting to open the door. People who don’t like to go to nightclubs may not understand, where is the charm of Yunbundi? 


To a certain extent, Yunbendi may have met the social needs of “social fear” and provided people under the epidemic with a safe choice to release pressure and have leisure and entertainment. Moreover, today’s virtual nightclubs visualize every audience, and have both live performance and game interaction in function, and a stronger sense of participation. 

Some netizens commented that they remembered the Moore Manor in their childhood. Last year, everyone danced at the virtual music festival of the Moore Manor mobile game. This simple happiness is probably the same. 

Does a virtual dance cost 700 yuan?

From the creator’s point of view, what kind of technology and equipment are required for virtual dance? 


Netizens discuss the technical issues of virtual dance 

The owner of UP, “Annidi Hall”, is an independent game development enthusiast. He said that this type of nightclub conducts barrage interaction through the live broadcast platform, which does not require servers and saves high server-related costs and hardware costs. 

I asked a seller and received the same reply, you can not hang up the server, only need a computer with a 64-bit operating system. The price for a one-time permanent purchase of development software is 1999 yuan, and the monthly payment is 700 yuan. It supports live broadcasts on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili, and video accounts, and a 2D virtual character is customized for 100 yuan. 


The picture comes from a cloudbend software seller 

Kuaishou anchor “DJ Xiaohao” purchased a software license from another game company for 6,000 yuan a year. He believes that this investment is low compared to games, outdoor and food live broadcasts. He started with a new account, which has been on air for two and a half months, and currently has 25,000 fans. 

Comparing multiple virtual nightclubs, it can be found that the models of some live broadcast rooms are very similar and may be built using the same software. “DJ Xiao Haohao” said that Yunbundi was a new thing that was born in recent months, and only 5 companies he knew were selling this kind of software. 


Whether it is self-development or technology outsourcing, the differentiated features of virtual nightclubs are very important.

Technology is the primary factor affecting the popularity of live broadcast rooms. The first problem Yunbundi encountered was that there were too many people and they could not see clearly. The Kuaishou anchor “Kuidi CLUB” suggested that the picture quality should be 8M Blu-ray, so as to ensure the clarity and fluency of the picture and bring a better vision Effect. 

In terms of operation, the anchor can hold special events according to holidays, change the theme scene of the nightclub, and add new character costumes and playlists. 


Xiugou Nightclub launched the movie watching function on Double Eleven last year, which supports the playback of short short films or original videos shared by the UP master, which not only meets the needs of audiences to watch movies in groups, but also plays a role in attracting each other. It can be seen that if you want to do a good job in a virtual nightclub, creativity may be a more important part than technology, and the cost is far more than 700 yuan.


In terms of commercial realization, the main source of the current virtual nightclub is the gift income of the live broadcast room.

According to observations, the unit price of each live broadcast room for gifting as a DJ or ordering songs generally ranges from 2 yuan to 15 yuan, and the more people who participate, the higher the bid. “DJ Xiaohao” earned an average of 200 yuan a day last month. Currently, it has risen to 300 yuan a day, and sometimes it can reach 500 yuan. The cost of the one-year use right has been earned back. 

There are also anchors who have adopted the method of monetizing goods in the window and paid content, but the sales are not many. 

It has not been observed that a virtual nightclub has taken advertiser orders, but this content type and brand cooperation is also possible in the future. “Xiugou Nightclub Boss” currently has 31 captains this month. The new station data shows that he forwarded a dynamic estimate of 5,300 yuan. 


The picture comes from Xinzhan, the B station data platform of Xinbang (xz.newrank.cn) 

In general, virtual cloud dance is still a new thing, and the future development faces many uncertainties. Although there are currently no public rules for such live broadcasts on various platforms, the editorial department of Xinbang has learned that only the Douyin platform has clearly stated that such live broadcasts are prohibited. According to analysis by industry insiders, this type of live broadcast is an illegal game. Its predecessor is a “game” called “Summon Wukong”. There are many variants of this “game”. Illegal crawling of the bullet screen content can increase the popularity of the live broadcast room by letting the anchor hang up. “It is not a game in essence, it is a low-cost black production behavior, which is very easy to copy and spread.”

It is understood that the Douyin live broadcast room of “Xiugou Nightclub Boss” was banned for 10 minutes on September 26, 2021 due to “interest inducement”. Douyin recommends “do not induce users’ attention, interaction, sharing, etc. through interest inducement.” . Low-quality unmanned live broadcasts, or on-hook live broadcasts, are not respected by the platform. “DJ Xiao Haohao” said that the software he purchased needs Kuaishou’s authorization to start broadcasting. He usually opens the microphone to chat, and the rest of the team “doesn’t make much money from hanging up.”Whether there is a problem with Virtual Cloud Bundi, some people hold different views, but only from the current point of view, there are hidden concerns that the popularity of Virtual Cloud Bundi does not decrease, and whether it can develop in the long term needs to continue to be observed and discussed.

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