6 Best NFT Rarity Query Tools in 2022

NFTs are taking the world by storm, but it’s not enough to have an NFT that you think looks cool, because it should also be rare, and rarity affects the value of each NFT. Therefore, if you plan to invest in NFTs, you need to use the NFT rarity tool to help you find rare NFTs.

This article will introduce 6 of the best NFT rarity tools out there.

What makes NFTs rare?

NFT rarity is a term coined to rank NFTs based on their uniqueness. For NFTs, rarity is a key factor in determining value. Understanding what makes NFTs rare can better identify assets with greater potential value. So, what makes NFTs rare? There are several factors here:

  • Limited supply: If there is only a small amount of stock, it will be more sought after and more valuable. To create truly rare NFTs, issuers use NFT rarity tools to track the number of works produced and ensure there is only a limited supply in marketplaces like OpenSea, Rare Bits or Nifty.
  • NFT attributes: The digital DNA (or set of encoded attributes) of NFTs is unique and identifiable. NFTs with rare properties are generally more valuable on open markets.
  • Special Uses:  NFT issuers can set special rules on their NFT items so that only a certain number of NFT users can get these benefits. This creates NFTs that are more valuable than other NFTs because there are fewer users who can get their benefits.
  • Intrinsic demand: Some NFTs are in greater demand than others. NFTs used for gaming purposes may also have higher intrinsic demand, as gamers are always looking for new and unique items to add to their collections. NFTs used for social media purposes may also have higher intrinsic demand, as they are suitable for people who want to show off their assets on a specific platform.
  • Historical context: Sometimes, NFTs may have higher value due to their historical context. For example, if someone has only used a particular NFT once in a game or on social media, it may be more valuable due to its history. NFTs can also have historical contexts outside of gaming or social media, such as limited-edition NFTs based on original artwork.
  • Links to celebrities : NFTs linked to celebrities also tend to be more valuable as they are often very unique.


How to Calculate NFT Rarity

There are several formulas that can help you figure out the rarity of NFTs:

  1. Feature rarity ranking: Compare the rarest features of each NFT, with the least number considered the rarest.


  2. Average Feature Rarity: This formula calculates the average of rare features found in a given NFT. Assuming an NFT has two features, one with 20% rarity and the other with 30% rarity, the average feature rarity will be (20+30)/2 = 25%.


  3. Statistical Feature Rarity: This formula allows you to calculate the overall rarity of an NFT by multiplying by the NFT’s feature rarity. Just like the example above, the statistical rarity is (20% * 30%) = 6%.


  4. Feature rarity score: The rarity score is considered to be the most accurate calculation of rarity. Unlike feature rarity or statistical rarity, average rarity (which fails to highlight a single rarity trait for NFTs), which only considers the rarest features, the rarity score gives a detailed and balanced ranking. Therefore, it is the most commonly used rarity ranking formula in the NFT market. A method to calculate the rarity score of an NFT:

    Feature Rarity Score = 1 / ([Number of items with that feature value] / [Total number of items in the collection])


Which NFT rarity tools are best for you?

Knowing the formula involved in calculating rarity is not enough to accurately help determine the uniqueness of an NFT. That’s why you should know some useful tools to help you with your rarity queries. These tools calculate all the data for you and give you accurate rankings for what you’re going to buy:


Rarity.tools is one of the most popular NFT analysis tools. The tool is known for ranking the rarity of collectibles and artwork NFTs in real-time. It ranks some high-performance NFTs, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks.

For ranking, rarity.tools assigns each NFT feature its rarity score. All rarity scores are then summed to get the overall rarity score. This allows you to easily browse and quickly verify the score of any listed NFT.

Although rarity.tools is the best NFT rarity tool, it has some drawbacks. First, the 2 ETH fee for creators to pay is quite high; second, the site has a simple layout and lacks navigation tabs, which makes it difficult for first-time users to search for recent and top-ranked NFTs. 


Cryptoslam is a data aggregator for NFTs. It shows a global index based on volume, blockchain sales, ranking of NFT projects, and the best sales of NFT collectibles, making it an excellent NFT tool. What’s more, it displays all of this in one landing page, making analysis easy and hassle-free for beginners. Using this tool, you’ll also get the information you need about a specific NFT, including price, unique features, and rarity ranking.

Plus, the tool gives you insights on NBA Top Shots. You can easily search for videos of your favorite teams or players, see the names of people who own them, and get their wallet addresses when you want to buy them. If you are looking for a simple NFT tool, Cryptslam is worth checking out.

Opensea Leaderboard

Opensea is the most popular NFT marketplace in the world. It features a large collection of digital assets from the Polygon, Ethereum and Klaytn blockchains. It utilizes smart contracts to manage NFT ownership and provides features that allow people to track, manage and trade NFTs on one convenient platform; providing real-time information on everything that is happening within the Opensea marketplace.

Openseas’ NFT ranking feature provides users with a ranking of NFTs by volume and other statistical considerations such as reserve price. So you can view the NFT features and the rarity of each feature, but the site may not be able to provide a rarity score for the NFT, or even show its overall rarity rating.

Rarity Sniper

NFT rarity has never been easier to track than on Rarity Sniper. This well-known tool has a collection of over 870 NFTs from major blockchains like Solana and Ethereum. Rarity Sniper comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to view all characteristics, rarity scores and levels of your NFTs.

Another major benefit of using Rarity Sniper is that you can also rely on its Discord channel to see the rarity of NFTs. This is a more simplified way of running a rarity check. The downside is that it only shows the collection of NFTs that Rarity Sniper supports.


Moby is a real-time NFT analysis tool that provides simple and basic rarity rankings. It provides you with a range of rankings including NFT features, marketplaces and minting. All are listed in detail at the top of the login page, making navigation easy. For just 0.1 ETH, Moby gives you access to 6 months of real-time data, historical data collections, real-time updated charts, and more.

Moby also shows you all the deals going on, including presale. Understanding the pre-sale performance of an NFT is a great way to gauge its popularity and determine if it’s worth buying. However, despite these benefits, Moby.gg falls short in the key aspect of displaying data. On a website, the data will not be displayed on your screen all at once. Although this layout reduces the proportion of pages, it can only search a small amount of information from multiple pages, which is very troublesome.


Traitsniper is another rarity tool that provides up-to-date information on upcoming NFT projects. Traitsniper uses bots to calculate the rarity of NFTs as soon as new projects emerge. The tool comes with a free version and a paid version. The paid version ensures that you get real-time updates as soon as different NFTs are listed. You can click on a given NFT and its rarity level and score will pop up. You will also see the price of the NFT and the highest offer it has received on Opensea.

However, you may not be satisfied with how crowded the site is, and especially for new users, Traitsniper may not feel very good.


Investing in NFTs can be a lucrative business, but remember that in any collectible market, rarity reigns supreme! The rarer an item is, the more valuable it is on the secondary market. So, if you are looking for a way to start investing in NFTs, these NFT rarity tools will help you get the best rare NFTs on the market.

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