5G must be integrated with blockchain technology

The latest data shows that China has opened 961,000 5G base stations. As of the end of June, it has covered all cities at the prefecture level and above, and the number of 5G terminal connections is about 365 million. With the popularization of networks, 5G converged applications are also in a critical period of large-scale development, and all parties need to work together to play a good “team competition.”

Different from previous generations of mobile communication technology, the focus of 5G applications lies in a wide range of industries, and is to empower the real economy. This determines that 5G application is a long-term and complex system engineering, which not only needs to deeply integrate information technology, communication technology and operation technology, but also closely integrate with the digital foundation of various industries; it not only requires multiple upstream and downstream parties in the industry chain. Carrying out “group” cooperation to form an industrial synergy also requires a concerted effort between government departments to guide the cultivation of 5G application integration and a big ecology. It can be said that the promotion of 5G integration applications must play a good “team competition”, give full play to the advantages of all parties, and accelerate the realization of in-depth integration and extensive application of 5G in various fields of economy and society.

First of all, it is necessary to build a “team competition” for the integration and development of 5G and the new generation of information technology. 5G is the foundation of a new generation of information technology such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, but it also needs to be integrated with these new generation information technologies to build synergistic and complementary advantages, so as to play a multiplier effect. The new features of 5G provide more possibilities for the in-depth integration and mutual promotion of a new generation of information technology, continuously spawning new models and new business formats, and promoting my country’s digital economy to continuously release new development momentum, enhance the strength of the digital economy, and continue to strengthen my country’s leadership and demonstration power in the field of 5G and digital economy.

Secondly, we must build a “team competition” for in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the 5G industry chain. 5G fusion applications empower thousands of industries, involving all aspects of economic and social life, upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain cannot “do it alone”, basic telecommunications companies, equipment manufacturing companies, vertical industries, information technology, the Internet and other industries must be active “Participating” can effectively open up all links of the industrial chain and build a good industrial ecology together. Upstream and downstream companies have established an efficient cooperation model that closely integrates the characteristics of 5G and industry needs, which will further enhance the adaptation of 5G applications to traditional industries, so as to give full play to the role of 5G in empowering traditional industries and consolidate the high-quality development of traditional industries in my country The foundation.

Once again, we must set up a “team competition” in which 5G is coordinated with government departments. 5G is a new technology, and 5G integrated applications are a new field. It is difficult to solve all kinds of problems in applications by market mechanisms alone. It is necessary to strengthen coordination and linkage across departments, industries, and fields, and do a good job in standards, industries, construction, applications, and policies. The organic connection in other aspects has promoted the acceleration of 5G converged applications. The concerted efforts of various government departments can not only create a good policy environment for 5G integration and application, but also help open up the path of effective connection between industry, university and research, jointly build and share, and promote this “team competition” through talent training and application collaboration.

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