520 is coming, what is it like to fall in love in the Metaverse?

Interest in VR dating soared by 249% in the well-known overseas forum Reddit, and the Metaverse sounded the “first horn” of the social revolution?

As the weather warms, so does the “romance” in the Metaverse, with more users dating in the Metaverse, according to the latest user data from Reddit. 

And brands across industries, from interior design to food subscription services, are getting involved in this business opportunity.

Exclusive data from Reddit shows that people who are in pursuit of love are eager to enter the Metaverse and meet new friends . After more than two years of the pandemic, people are more willing than ever to try and develop a romantic relationship in this burgeoning virtual space.

In fact, mentions of “dating” in VR interest groups on Reddit have increased by 249% over the past six months.

So what are the reasons behind this trend? What impact will it have on future relationships? What will the future Metaverse look like?

simple role play

As real-life socializing and travel have been limited by the pandemic, consumers are turning to virtual reality (VR) and emerging virtual ecosystems to immerse themselves in a new kind of experience

In fact, sales of VR headsets are up 92% year over year.

And on Reddit, the trend is especially pronounced. Reddit users are 125% more willing than the general public to engage in the Metaverse and meet new people, and they are 42% more willing to surf the web to make friends than to spend time face-to-face.

Reddit users are twice as interested in “entering the Metaverse” than the general population.

These figures are also reflected in activity on social networking sites: in the two-year period from March 2020 to March 2022, screen views on Reddit and VR chat increased by 193% .

People are more interested than ever in meeting potential romantic partners in a virtual space.

Users can not only meet people living all over the world, but also participate in a variety of novel activities through new virtual spaces and VR functions, allowing them to develop their interests and passions more freely.

“It’s not just you and me, all Star Wars fans can truly immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe and participate in real-time in an easy way,” noted Rob Gaige, director of collaborative development at Reddit. ” We can also date in a freer way and have a more genuine connection , not like real-life dating, which is sometimes superficial.”


Reality can’t be kept out forever

Long-distance relationships, especially online dating, rarely come to an end. In fact, the average long-distance relationship lasts less than five months. 

The obvious reality is that while internet users may find love online, they cannot escape reality forever.

Couples need intimacy, quality time together, and constant real-life communication to ensure they have a healthy, successful partnership.

Gaige and the Reddit team found that for couples who find love in the Metaverse, these virtual spaces and experiences will continue to function in their real lives .

“We’ve seen signs of this relationship developing, and just because you meet in the Metaverse doesn’t mean you’re completely out of the Metaverse in real life,” Gaige said. It’s different that the other half will uninstall the software later.”

Instead, he predicts, the Metaverse will remain an integral part of how these romantic relationships develop in real life.

“We’re together in reality, but we’re still going back to the Metaverse and sharing a date night in a Star Wars set.” He sees the hybrid relationship as the next phase that has just begun.

In the long run, this will help couples maintain a happy state. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of married couples share common interests and cite it as one of the reasons for the success of their marriage.

different types of relationships

The Metaverse applies equally to the development and maintenance of different types of relationships. It’s not just romantic relationships that are taking shape in the Metaverse, but other types of relationships as well. 

More and more users are turning to VR and emerging technologies that not only allow people to stay in touch with distant friends and partners, but even bring lost loved ones back into our lives .

Reddit data shows a huge increase in interest in using emerging technologies to spend time with the deceased.

The idea is nascent, but Gaige and his team are already paying close attention to how the idea will develop.

“Are we able to create Metaverse roles for deceased people through their imprints?” Gaige said, “This is something we’ve seen over and over again in cultural development, from the holographic music of deceased artists. It’s mentioned in almost all science fiction.”

The world of the Metaverse makes it a real possibility. People are thinking about using programming to give these characters personality traits and interact with them .


Gaige said he was surprised that the need to interact with stars has decreased, while the need to “reanimate” lost loved ones has increased.

“I initially thought the Metaverse might be more about stars, like hanging out with Beyoncé or something. But that’s not the case, I really want my grandmother to be ‘resurrected’ if I can get through these technologies It would be great to program my grandmother to re-emerge in my life for my son or daughter to meet their great-grandmother.”

Implications for marketers

The surge in interest in maintaining relationships in the Metaverse has also created a range of valuable business opportunities for brands. 

Brands can dig deeper into a star’s followers to drive new forms of interaction . They can host virtual events to help users meet other like-minded fans.

Avid Nintendo fans can stroll through Peach’s Castle together, while Harry Potter fans can join in a virtual Quidditch match.

Another key way for brands to unlock business value in this space is to take advantage of the new Crypto business economy .

As we have now seen the luxury fashion industry dabble in NFTs, there are countless opportunities for brands to help dress up avatars, allowing users to appear in the Metaverse or in front of a date in the closest avatar of their real self. Brands may offer a range of clothing options, props, accessories, cosmetics, body modifications, and more, even cars, bikes or scooters, and more.

But the impact of the token on the business of the Metaverse is actually very important.

“I’m not constrained by budget, restaurant type or food type when dating in the Metaverse because I’m enjoying an immersive experience,” Gaige said.

As such, he said, NFTs and tokens will serve as tools to create unique dating experiences, and this is also a great opportunity for brands .


The Reddit team believes that certain industries may find early success.

Luxury and fashion are clearly early adopters of the Metaverse, and Gaige is turning his attention to the nascent Metaverse real estate market, where real estate sales will exceed $500 million in 2021, according to a recent CNBC report, That figure could double this year.

“Real estate companies are starting to recreate famous buildings and lands in the Metaverse. At some level, people’s dream homes should be in the Metaverse, and we don’t necessarily need that many properties in real space,” Gaige said.

Gaige also predicts that design brands will see plenty of new opportunities here. “I think American furniture company Herman Miller should jump at the opportunity to jump into this space right away and develop a mid-century modern ethos in the Metaverse. If I were in charge of these brands, then I would lead the brands to seize the opportunity .”

Will Cady, head of creative strategy at Reddit, expects food subscription services like Blue Apron to see new opportunities as long-distance couples try new ways to bond.

In general, the Metaverse is such a new space and domain that the possibilities are almost endless, says Cady: “TheMetaverse is, to a certain extent, a very open domain where people can Get some new habits and rituals that haven’t been formed .”

For example, I hosted a wedding in the Metaverse before, and it was a brand new moment for everyone. There were about 200 people online at the time, and there were about 10 people at the ceremony.

And this experience has never existed before. Think about the business opportunities for a wedding in the Metaverse that provides a great experience for all guests. “

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