519 encryption again bloodbath, how the future goes

The situation of 312 has to be a variety of coincidences together probability is very small very small, but did not expect so soon we will once again experience.

Yesterday, a large wave of “blood” we will not review one by one, and not sensational, directly to the current market situation.

I know now we are more concerned about how this market will go in the future, is like the previous 94/312 as soon as the repair or that is the bull away, we must also admit a point here, in the end how will go, we really do not know, I also think that if someone said categorically is how to how, emm, may also have to consider the intention of the other side.
But we can still do some discussion and analysis on this, today mainly mention two points.
One is the emotional side, if there is any difference between this 519 and the previous 94/312, I would say the emotional side is not quite the same, if you have experienced friends can recall what it was like then, and now what.
Whether 94 or 312 after a rapid decline in the market is basically no one dares to think about cattle, but now, although yesterday leverage also cleared a lot, but it feels as if everyone is still some degree of excitement, there is not much despair, and I do not know if I am in the circle may be more old wine dishes, if you have a different view welcome message.

I do not know if I can see more fear of surrender and abandonment in the market later, but now the panic index has fallen to 11, belonging to the extreme panic, the history of less than this value is not much, can not say that the relative future here must be the absolute bottom, but should be counted in the safe area, after all, the short-term risk was quickly released, as to how to deal with, or that, depending on your own strategic preferences.

Second, the bottom of the index, a long time ago there was shared an indicator website, general volatility is relatively large when I will go to refer to the data: https://coinmarketbook.cc/
The data specifically how to look at the following content can be seen before.
The next cottage will probably go better than bitcoin
This indicator probably means to look at the bottom of the red and green columns, in different cycles, the relative look, if the higher the red and green columns, the greater the possibility of whale entry, that also means that the performance of the late will be, but here also to explain a point, I have to add their group, this site on overseas wine dishes part-time do, his algorithm is not public, and sometimes the data also have errors or something, I see their group inside often I see their group often change this change that, so reference, not too take a as a basis.


The site’s current data is no big bottom signal (his family may be more suitable for identifying the bottom of the bear market), look at the chart above 19 years and 20 years in April when there are more obvious indicators, according to historical data, there are two possibilities, one is similar to the previous 94, still in the bull market, there will be no obvious signal, the other is in a top, all the next rally is to a new low.

I would favor the bull market is not completed, after all, before too smooth, it is time to loose loose chips, but which will be, we do not have to rush to judge, even if the rebound now, that may still be for a better down, in fact, can not be judged, but it does not matter, time will give the answer since.
The boat does not go against the water, usually down relative to the rise is more rapid, so if the market chooses down we can soon see either the rebound is difficult to break through the previous high, or can also go down, and if it is a bull wash, also soon, will not grind too long, the next month or two can be clear.
And now what we have to do is not to predict, but to anticipate, no matter which script, we soldier to stop the water to cover up, so that we can calmly and calmly face the gully after gully in the crypto world.
It seems like it’s time to present this chart again.

I remember talking to some bigwigs last year and they said that the probability of 312 was very small and coincidental, but I didn’t expect that we would experience it again so soon, and this time it might be a bit less than 312 in terms of emotional magnitude, but it is also enough to exaggerate the madness.
According to the situation of the coin circle nowadays, it is estimated that this kind of one-day waist-slashing market will still appear in the future, just like you think those air have to shi, but there are countless nonsensical hype in every round, because the nature of human is a repeater, and the speculative demand will always exist just like that, so don’t hold any fluke, pay attention to the idle money investment, also pay attention to your leverage, in fact, the crypto world really So do you need to spell the principal, I think it may not.
p.s If the big cake can still be stabilized after the rebound, the cottage market can still be looked at, as leek this leek, I personally will be more concerned about the new coins listed this year that have not performed much after they have been falling and are not very good in the community rating; next month there will be the European Cup these may also have sports concept classes and related NFT hype points; there is also this round of more miserable, but recently there have been accidents defi I personally am Do not want to pay much attention to, interested can pay attention to their own.

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