50% of the world’s top artworks will be NFT in the future, APENFT brings big trend dividends

Back in 2014, Warren Buffett warned people to stay away from Bitcoin, and later called it “rat shit”.


Back in 2014, Warren Buffett warned people to stay away from Bitcoin, and later called it “rat shit”.

However, this didn’t stop people around the world from accepting the seemingly “vanilla” Bitcoin because it not only has a strong meme, but also has a lot of value behind it that has gradually emerged. Once Bitcoin was accepted, it was much easier for people to accept meme cryptocurrencies like Doge.

But there are many who believe that most animal coins may not succeed in the long run because they don’t gradually develop real value backing like bitcoin, and that the few animal coins that do have real value backing are likely to have a chance of being sustainable.

So, in the NFT space, which also naturally inherits Bitcoin’s ability to get out of the ring, will a value-backed animal coin be born that will bring greater and longer-term opportunities?

  1. NFT is starting to get “real”

The recent “zoo” series, despite the fact that most people don’t understand them and think they will eventually die out, still can’t stop the strong FOMO sentiment of many crypto enthusiasts.

But what we can foresee is that if this kind of project only has meme and does not form an ecology with value support like Bitcoin, it is also probable that it will go to a point of no return.
In fact, the meme of animal coins is a lot like some works of art, in that most of its value is reflected in a cultural consensus, which is why people often use the analogy of a piece of paper that may be worth a lot of money as an analogy to why bitcoin has a “digital gold This is why people often use the analogy of artwork that may be worth a lot of money for a piece of paper as an analogy to why bitcoin has “digital gold”.

There is no denying that a few animal coins are very successful at least in terms of meme propagation and community consensus, but the only thing that is missing or “not yet able to form” is real value support. That’s why people feel sorry for these successful meme projects.

Recently, Firecoin announced the first project APENFT (NFT), which will be launched on May 20, 2021 at 20:00.

According to the official introduction, the APENFT team comes from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and is also active in crypto art, APENFT fund is supported by the world-renowned public chain Ethereum and wave field TRON underlying technology, combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent, developed by the commitment to the world’s top art NFT and block The fund is dedicated to the NFTization and blockchainization of the world’s top artworks.

In brief, APENFT is the first to receive the support of Sun Yuchen, the founder of Wavefield, who donated over 200 million RMB of famous paintings auctioned by top art IPs such as Picasso, Andy Warhol and crypto artist Beeple to APENFT free of charge.

The ownership of the collection has now been mapped to the Wavefield TRON chain through the TRC-721 standard and is permanently stored on the Wavefield TRON public chain and BTFS decentralized storage system.


Figure: APENFT fund part of the collection list and display

In our opinion, this not only marks the blockchain “debut” of the historically famous art IP Picasso’s works, but also injects real value support to NFT, which also means that the NFT field has started to play “real”, and APENFT has accelerated the formation of value support for the NFT project with its own APENFT to accelerate the formation of the value of the NFT project support.

Now we not only see the first signs of cryptocurrencies and crypto technologies coming out of the circle and being adopted on a large scale in the NFT field, but also see the feasibility of connecting real world values, and people see a blockchain reshaping “ownership” and “digital assetization”. The future.

Recently, we learned from multiple sources that APENFT will officially release its governance Token NFT, yes, it is called “NFT”, according to the first version of the white paper released by APENFT, NFT is the proof of interest of APENFT, holding NFT can get voting, profit sharing, participation and other rights and interests. The first version of the white paper shows that NFT is the proof of interest of APENFT, holding NFT can get the rights of voting, profit sharing, participation, etc. .

A maximum proportion of 30% of Token distribution is distributed to artists, animal coins are “brought up” from the big IP of Musk, and NFT is likely to be “brought up” by Picasso and many other artists joining the IP in the future.

At first glance, NFT is very much like an animal coin in every way, and it is backed by the value of real art collections and artist IPs.

02, What does APENFT bring?


We already know from APENFT’s official website and media reports that APENFT Fund’s vision is to become the ARK Ark Star Fund in NFT, a bridge between global top artists and blockchain, and to support the growth of native NFT artists in the crypto world.
APENFT Fund’s core business includes investing and laying out head NFT platforms and works, incubating top head NFT artists, and providing a bridge for traditional top artists to enter NFT. The rest of the business includes sponsoring art museums, organizing art exhibitions or publications, establishing awards, supporting art creation and art criticism, and establishing related art collections in various aspects.

1、NFTization and blockchainization of global top artworks

In the past, the top collections are only some head players can access, the ordinary people are deterred, let alone can participate.

If top artworks can be NFTed and become a digital asset, it can not only obtain blockchain anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering authentication capabilities, but also be flexible enough to subdivide the ownership and auction revenue pieces to the point where ordinary investors can participate.

As a blockchain platform, APENFT brings NFT digitized top artworks into a global 7*24 hours non-stop trading high liquidity market, so that the auction of artworks is not limited by time and space, without dead ends to improve the discovery of the value of artworks.

2, NFT field of ARK Ark Star Fund

ARK Ark Fund is a traditional financial star fund that has risen to fame in recent years, its fund manager is known as the “female version of Warren Buffett” Catherine Wood.

Catherine Wood publicly predicted that Tesla’s share price would reach $7,000 when it was less than $200, and also took an early position in Bitcoin, and has made a lot of money with ARK Ark Fund in recent years.


APENFT wants to become the ARK Ark Star Fund in the NFT field, meaning it wants to bring the community the unique opportunity to participate in the NFT field of vision through its supporters Sun Yuchen, artists, and the platform resources of cooperation.
3、Building a bridge between the world’s top artists and the blockchain

In fact, the reason for the savage growth of NFT in the past, in fact, mainly because the blockchain solves several major pain points of artists, the value discovery and liquidity of artworks, the ownership of works, all of which are perfectly solved through NFTization.

Through the NFT Token slice of 30% of the allocation can also further incentivize the production of artists to increase their own income, the platform to the globalization of the NFT display traffic also allows artists and their works to be fully displayed, can be said to bring artists a “fame and profit” blockchain bridge.

03、APENFT latest news


Recently, APENFT released its first version of white paper, disclosing considerable details, in addition to releasing the distribution mechanism and commercial application scenarios of its governing Token, it also discloses the reward, mining mechanism of NFT.

The comments and creations of NFT paintings participating in APENFT will be rewarded with NFT. APENFT will reward nft to those who participate in the governance activities according to a certain percentage. nft Defi mining plan is almost 2 years, will start from June 2021 and last 23 months until the end of April 2023.

NFT is the first project of Firecoin to restart Prime Preferred Access (opened on May 20, see official announcement). In the context of the current rapid and overwhelming development of Coinan, the BSC ecology is remarkable, not only the DeFi ecology is booming, but also many excellent projects have emerged in the NFT field.

In contrast, Heco’s NFT ecology is a little weak, and Firecoin and Heco are also under great pressure. At this time, it is likely that a strong external help is needed to unite external forces to cooperate with quality NFT projects and change the competitive landscape of the trading platform with a strong alliance.

For this reason, Firecoin has high hopes for the first project to restart Prime.


APENFT (NFT) expects that in the next ten years, the world’s top 100 artists and artworks, 50% will be NFT, APENFT will embrace and strengthen this trend. meme project with the wings of real value.

As stated in the introduction of its white paper, to solve the unfair status quo in the field of art, in addition to the improvement of the transaction system, it is more necessary to innovate the technical model.

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