50 million virtual shareholders, supporting Nai Xue’s “Metaverse”

Nai Xue launched Nai Xue coins, netizens: Is it illegal?

On the first anniversary of its listing, Nai Xue’s Tea launched “Na Xue Coin” and virtual stocks.

According to Nai Xue’s official news, starting from June 30, the points will be renamed “Nai Xue Coins”, and you can get 1 Nai Xue Coin for every 1 yuan spent. Currently, Naixue Coins can only be obtained for free by placing orders and daily check-ins and other tasks. The Points Mall has also been upgraded to a Naixue coin store, adding cool products such as Naixue gift certificates and limited peripherals.


(Screenshot of Naixue applet) 

Nai Xue Coin can be played in a variety of ways. You can buy and sell virtual stocks and become virtual shareholders. Nai Xue virtual stocks are bound to real stocks. The stock price in the game = the closing price of Nai Xue’s tea Hong Kong stock on the trading day * the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar on that day. For example, if Naixue’s closing stock price is 6 yuan on a certain trading day, 6 Naixue coins are needed to buy 1 virtual stock on that day; otherwise, 1 virtual stock can be sold to get 6 Nai snow coins on that day.

It is worth mentioning that users can also join the leveraged loan game and choose x2, x5, x10 times leverage.

In addition, Naixue coins can also be exchanged for various coupons and gifts in the mall. For example, 100 nai snow coins can be exchanged for a 3 yuan heartfelt coupon, or a domineering durian 3 yuan cash coupon; 1,300 nai snow coins can be exchanged for free tea bags; 200,000 nai snow coins can be exchanged for an Apple computer. It is understood that the The computer is priced at 7,999 yuan in Apple’s official store.

Regarding Nai Xue’s launch of Nai Xue coins, the outside world ridiculed that Nai Xue now has 50 million virtual shareholders.

However, there are still more voices questioning Nai Xue. On the one hand, some people think that people who make milk tea have to cut leeks. On the other hand, there are also many people who question whether Nai Xue is illegal. Many netizens said, “The entity does not operate well and starts to play false. I want to ask if this is illegal? Can Nai Xue’s business authority do this.”

In this regard, a number of industry insiders who have done a lot of research on new tea drinks said, “The current Naixue coins are essentially consumption points, which are no different from Q coins. And the gameplay of virtual stocks has long been on various stock apps. It is not uncommon, it is not a real stock transaction, and it will not affect Nai Xue’s stock price.”

However, others have pointed to its risks. In the view of Xiao Sa’s legal team, Naixuecoin is “dances on the edge of the blade”, “Naixuecoin has disputes over the legal nature of consumer tokens, prepaid card business risks of payment institutions, online gambling risks, bonus sales risks, and illegal absorption. Many legal dispute points and red line risk points such as public deposit risk.”

Essentially, Naixuecoin is a marketing campaign. As of now, the Weibo topic of #南雪launches virtual stocks to 50 million members has received 200 million views.


(Screenshot of Weibo) 

Nayuki, it’s so cool

Careful people will find that Nai Xue is getting more and more trendy, or that it has been trying to brush up its presence, making people more and more aware that it is not just a tea brand.

In addition to launching Nai Xue coins and virtual stocks, Nai Xue also launched the Metaverse Nai Xue Paradise, where virtual shareholders can enter the treasure hunt to receive official rewards.


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As early as last year, Nai Xue entered the Metaverse. In December last year, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Nayuki officially announced the brand ambassador “NAYUKI”. According to reports, NAYUKI is a cosmic symbiosis that can travel between virtual space and real life.

At that time, Nayuki also launched a limited edition of 300 NFT blind box works and a global limited edition of 1000 sets of NAYUKI tide play.

Official data shows that within 72 hours after the release, the event brought nearly 200 million GMV, and the NFT blind box and Chaowan were also sold out on the same day.

In the opinion of senior Metaverse analyst Aqi, Nai Xue demonstrated a new way of deploying the Metaverse for companies without strong technical genes. On the one hand, placing an order to give Naixue coins is a marketing act, which not only allows Naixue to quickly return cash and drive users to consume, but also captures the main consumer group on the domestic Metaverse track – the post-00s generation. On the other hand, Nai Xue upgraded the user community to a Metaverse traffic pool to maximize user value.

The industry believes that from last year’s NFT digital collection to this year’s Metaverse marketing, Nai Xue’s tea has shown the market new possibilities for tea brands, and even new possibilities for consumer brands.

In general, Nai Xue’s entry into the Metaverse does not rule out that she wants to increase the voice of the consumer market and gain recognition from the capital market through the Metaverse. And this time, it seems that it is a continuation of the previous Metaverse actions to be Naixuecoin, virtual stock, and Metaverse Paradise.

In addition to entering the Metaverse, Nai Xue’s recent innovations have been frequent. In June of this year, in order to promote the new product “Domineering One Litre of Peach”, Nai Xue launched a short-hand avatar of “Possible Peach”, which was updated on Meituan the previous day. Netizens go to Meituan every day to “chasing” the avatar, calling Nai Xue out the emoji package.

According to Nai Xue’s announcement, the total sales volume of the new peach series has exceeded 1 million cups, ranking first in Nai Xue in sales.


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The pendant painting style of “Pan Rotten Peach” is prominent. At the moment when pendant and lying flat have become the “mantra” of young people, it hits the psychology of young people, thereby triggering resonance and spontaneous communication among young people.

When it comes to “changing the tide”, Nai Xue always follows the front line. And behind this, there may be a bit of a last resort.

Nayuki’s Anxiety

Some signs have been hard to hide Nayuki’s embarrassment.

On the evening of March 29, Nai Xue’s Tea released its 2021 financial report, with a total operating income of nearly 4.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41%. Although revenue increased, the adjusted net loss was 145 million yuan.

Nai Xue’s tea was once profitable in 2020, with an adjusted net profit of 16.6 million yuan that year. Both 2019 and 2018 lost tens of millions of yuan.

The financial report shows that 30% of Nai Xue’s tea orders are offline orders, and 30% are self-pickup orders, which means that 60% of the orders need to be completed offline by consumers. Under the repeated epidemics, Nai Xue’s tea offline channels are facing greater operating pressure.

At the same time, Nai Xue’s dedication to the big store model is almost obvious to all in the industry. Peng Xin, one of the founders of Naixue, believes that the “big store model” is necessary to provide good service and build a long-term brand, even if it has to bear short-term losses.

Peng Xin said in an interview that many people persuaded her to open a small store where customers order and pick up. But she didn’t think so.

The obvious performance is that the service of the Pro store has become heavier, “the clerk will make tea for you in the store, and will tell you about our tea culture”.

In her opinion, what Naixue wants to do is “a brand that has warmth and can communicate with customers about tea and tea culture, rather than a brand that only pursues the highest efficiency or the highest profit.”

However, it can still be seen from Nai Xue’s actual planning that the smaller Pro store is the main store opening model. There is still a certain gap between reality and vision. In the store opening plan announced by Nai Xue’s tea earlier, 30% of standard stores and 70% of Pro stores will be opened from 2021 to 2022.

Zhao Lin, another founder of Nai Xue’s Tea, mentioned that in 2022, Nai Xue’s Tea Party will be more strict in store selection and strive for better rental conditions.

In addition, Nayuki’s tea hopes to improve efficiency and reduce costs through automated systems. The automation system that Nai Xue’s Tea is investing in construction is said to be able to realize automatic ordering, intelligent baking, automatic tea making, and intelligent shift scheduling.

At present, some Nai Xue stores have used automatic milk tea machines. In these stores, only 2 employees are needed on the tea production line during peak hours, plus 3-4 front office staff, the team is only 5-6 people, and the staffing is limited. At least halved.

Zhao Lin said that the automated system can simplify the complex and difficult-to-standardize production process of tea. In the future, a large number of part-time jobs can be used to reduce labor costs. It is understood that the proportion of part-time staff of Nai Xue will be increased from 20% to 50%.

On March 17 this year, Nai Xue announced a substantial price reduction for the products and launched a new series of tea drinks, priced at around 10 yuan. The outside world is very clear that the price reduction is mainly due to the saturation of the new tea market and the fierce competition among brands.

It is not difficult to see that Naixue still has a long way to go in turning losses and finding a way to grow.


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