5 NFT trends that bring social media audiences to web3

With the ongoing debate on Twitter, most technology founders and venture capitalists have now chosen a camp. Web2.0 or web3? Supporters of web3 believe that it is the future of the Internet, and blockchain-based products will completely replace Web2.0 in the next few years. The backbone of Web2.0 says that all this is just a hype by cryptocurrency investors for profit, and blockchain technology is fundamentally limited in scope.

As a founder who has worked in the field of Web 2.0 applications for more than ten years and invested in the field of cryptocurrency for nearly ten years, I believe that the most exciting opportunity lies at the intersection of these two worlds. Blockchain truly The mass market potential of Web 2.0 and Web 3 will be released. Looking at the energy, talents and resources invested in Web3, it is easy to recall the early days of the Internet. For those of us who have stayed in Silicon Valley long enough, these similarities are undeniable.

The growth rate this time seems to be exponential. Web3 experts pointed out these facts to support the argument that web3 is the future of the Internet, and Web2.0 will soon die.

However, there is an important difference between the early days of the Internet and today. Before Web 1.0, there was no Internet. We all live a simulated life. When the Internet appeared, it was competing with a relatively boring life.Free pornography, chat rooms, games, music, e-mails, videos, and information from all over the world are at your fingertips.

I paid $2,000 for a pair of sneakers that I knew I would never wear because they only exist as NFTs. This is crazier than the money I spent on high heels before.

Web3 is entering a different field. People today are addicted to digital products, which are very attractive. You cannot make ordinary consumers stop using TikTok, they want to usher in an era of decentralization, support the creator economy or fight inflation. What ordinary netizens care about is how they appear and present themselves on social media.This is the bridge. The key to this bridge will be NFTs.

Here are 5 NFT trends that will bring social media audiences to web3 on a large scale.

NFT verification

Skeptics are quick to point out that NFTs are stupid because you can simply right-click and save the underlying file. But this is a temporary problem, because in the near future, all major social platforms will implement NFT verification, allowing users to connect to the wallet, and the verified NFT will be displayed on the user’s profile. At the same time, fingerprint technology will allow the platform to easily detect stolen files.

Once TikTok users can display and use their unique, verified NFT in their posts, the game will completely change, as the social value of buying NFT increases exponentially.

Side chain

As side chains like Polygon become more common, the price of NFTs will fall. Nearly zero gasoline fees will also enable developers to build more interactivity and composability in NFT, making it more social in nature.

Imagine Pokémon Go on the blockchain. Each Pokémon is an NFT and can be traded or sold. Each Pokémon you acquire has unique characteristics, and you can uniquely influence its evolution through the location-based achievements you unlock. As the Pokémon’s level increases, its power is updated on the chain. As you progress in the game, you will get encrypted tokens, which are also valuable and fun outside the game.


The NFT mania in 2021 is mainly focused on visual arts, but the next field, which I think will eventually be bigger, is music.Whether it is collecting physical artworks or NFTs, the impulse that drives collectors’ behavior is the same: the desire to express their artistic taste to their peers; the desire to express their identity, whether it is an individual or a group; in some cases, also hope to be able to profit.

Although there was a lot of speculative fanaticism behind the initial NFT boom, I think the impulse surrounding self-expression and identity is a more basic driving force for art collection. And one of the most common ways for people to express their taste and identity is through music.

TikTok was originally a music video application. Today, music tracks are still a core part of shared videos on the platform.But the music available today is universal. Everyone has access to the same songs.

Imagine that your favorite artist released a unique 60-second music track, as the number of NFTs is limited. You bought a song and made it into a cool TikTok. This song will be spread like a virus. Millions of people suddenly wanted this song to make their own TikTok. Every day you receive offers from people who want to buy this song from you, you can decide whether to sell it or keep it for yourself.

Wearable device

At the dawn of the Web 2.0 era, when I was in my 20s, I would spend almost all of my monthly disposable income on fashion. Fancy jeans, high heels, sunglasses and handbags-my appetite for beautiful clothes is insatiable.

But in the past ten years, as most of my social activities have moved online, my spending on clothing has also decreased.

But one day, I did something surprising. I bought a pair of sneakers for $2,000, and I knew I would never wear them because they only exist as NFTs. It is difficult for me to explain to people outside the cryptocurrency industry why I should buy this thing, and I realized that it might seem crazy.

Wearable devices are about to usher in an era of massive consumption on digital goods, and social media audiences will use these goods to dress up and modify their digital images. Although most of the existing wearable device activities in the NFT field are related to games and avatars, the killer use case that helps large audiences transition to the Metaverse will be AR filters.

Imagine Kim Kardashian launching customized AR filters–makeup, hairstyle, dress, jewelry–and each one is unique. If you buy one, you can use this look exclusively in your TikTok videos, as long as you want, and then you can sell it at any time.

Dynamic avatar

You can’t imagine why someone would change their profile picture to an ape. I have to admit that I own a boring ape. But I can’t use it as my personal photo. I chose World of Women (nft) instead. Why should I replace my professional avatar with an algorithm-generated cartoon image that is only somewhat similar to me? It allows me to express the side of my personality, which has a different meaning from photos.

The dynamics, personalization and sportiness of NFT avatars are coming soon. Imagine you take a selfie and the artificial intelligence will generate a unique, customized 3D avatar that looks like your ideal version. Just like Bitmoji. You can update the character’s expression and posture, clothing and accessories; you can make it dance; you can make it speak in your own voice.

You can spend less time perfecting your performance and shooting skills, and spend more time on the message you want to convey.

Dynamic avatars will be an opportunity to democratize self-expression on social media and will provide a voice to a larger audience of creators.

When Facebook first started, it was a bit silly, but it was fun. When you log in every few days, you will be reminded of your friend’s birthday. Later, mobile phones and algorithms, Instagram models, latte coffee, and perfectly filtered life appeared. Somewhere, this fun was replaced by a kind of social slavery.

When Zuckerberg announced his vision for Meta, you could feel that it attracted a lot of attention. It has corrupted our lives with social media, and now it is about to “strangle” the last remaining physical connection between us.

But the problem is, regardless of the pros and cons, we are already unstoppably moving towards the Metaverse. We are living more and more virtual lives. What web3 brings is a richer virtual life experience. I hope this experience can be less hollow and more human.

I look forward to in the future, NFT and all other promises of web3 will help us create a virtual reality where the interaction between people becomes interesting again.

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