5 kilograms more yield: Cows experience the summer grassland “Metaverse” and wear VR glasses to produce milk happily

The body is in the cowshed, and the spirit is already vast


[Introduction] That’s right, everything can be metaverse, and now even cows are in battle. After seeing a green field, the cows wearing VR glasses not only feel better, but also produce a full 5 kilograms of milk.

That’s right, everything can be metaverse.

The cows also went into battle.

Cows wearing VR glasses saw a green field, and their milk production increased by a full 5 kilograms!


Izzet Kocak, a farmer in Turkey, said recently that his milk production has increased after he bought virtual reality headsets for his cows.

The virtual reality shows summer pastures, and the cows are no longer as anxious as they used to be when they see the green fields, even if they are enclosed in the fence.

“A cow produces an average of 22 liters of milk per day, and with VR glasses on, it’s as high as 27 liters,” Izzet said.


The cow also entered the “metaverse”

The virtual reality technology makes the cows feel like they are in fertile fields, so they can produce more milk.

Huge barns filled with cows, their furry faces strapped to VR headsets, seem odd but effective.


It is neither healthy nor happy for them to “stay at home”.

At first, the VR glasses were meant to help cows deal with their winter blues. Once winter comes, the cows are melancholy and not in the mood to produce milk.

VR glasses can simulate summer pastures, wearing VR glasses, looking at a green field, the mood is improved, the spirit is encouraged, and anxiety is relieved.

The more milk is produced, the more farmers can earn.


For countries in the northern hemisphere where winters are perennial, the cows are in such a bad mood that milk production is completely insecure.

In fact, as early as 2019, Russian farmers tried to put VR glasses on cows to increase milk production.

Researchers at the Moscow Region Agriculture and Food Ministry said the researchers put glasses on the cows and showed them a summer field simulation program to determine whether the sight of the pastures changed the cows’ moods.


The program was created specifically with “shades of red, light green, and light blue tones” that the cows could see as a green field.

The researchers noticed that during the first experiment, watching cows on a virtual reality ranch reduced anxiety and was able to improve mood.

Previously, in order to increase the output of dairy cows, different countries have tried different methods, such as letting robots massage the cows, letting the cows listen to classical music and so on.


The results show that none of the effects come as quickly as VR glasses.

When you pick up a gallon of milk, think about it: Are the cows in the fields, or just think the cows are in the fields?

But does it matter?


It’s VR, kicking open the door of the metaverse

Do you remember your first experience with a VR headset?

“Ready Player One” shows a game universe that combines reality and virtuality. Players and fans wearing VR glasses explore the “oasis” together and immerse themselves in strong emotions.


If you want to feel the moment better, you need to put on a device to enter the scene. It can be said that the device, that is, the VR/AR glasses in the film, is an important entrance to the metaverse world.


The explosion of VR started in 2014. At the time, Meta (Facebook) bought the two-year-old Oculus for $2 billion.

For a while, almost all tech giants are actively investing in the VR/AR track.

In addition to Facebook’s acquisition, Samsung launched GearVR, Google led an investment in Magic Leap and launched the DayDream platform, Microsoft launched HoloLens, Sony launched PS VR, and more.


After two years of popularity, VR has entered a bottleneck period. The two main problems faced are: the unavoidable “screen window effect” and “delay problem” cause dizziness.

The screen window effect refers to the limited rendering technology at that time, resulting in insufficient resolution and many pixels to be seen. Dizziness is when the headset looks cool on the surface, but wearing it makes people feel like they want to vomit, and no one wants to continue trying.


With the development of technology, these two problems have been solved separately. However, it is difficult to have the screen window effect and low latency at the same time, because the resolution is increased, and there will inevitably be a delay.

First, Sony tackled tough problems. Through the construction of the VR ecosystem, the sales of its PlayStation VR reached 1 million units in 2017, far exceeding the sum of HTC and Facebook.

In 2020, Meta launched the second-generation independent virtual reality headset Oculus Quest 2, which overcomes the bottleneck that everyone has always thought impossible to break through, and its sales have caught up.


Oculus Quest 2 has indeed attracted a lot of enthusiasts, and 4K screens have gradually become the industry standard.

Just in Christmas 2021, the Oculus Quest 2 tops sales, making it the most popular Christmas gift.

Meanwhile, Oculus surpassed TikTok in downloads.


In addition to Facebook, as well as Apple, Microsoft, and domestic bytes, Ali has also accelerated the pace of entering the Metaverse.

Try it? Apple: Metaverse is a “no-go zone”

Throughout 2020, Apple’s AR/VR devices are still “only listening to the stairs, but no one is coming down.”

However, analysts and other forecasts this year suggest that Apple’s headset will arrive at WWDC.


It is predicted that the headset will be equipped with three screens.

The three screens include two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED screen. The Micro OLED screen is provided by Sony.

Some time ago, we have seen the power of Sony’s screen, which can create a high-resolution 3D space and achieve ultra-high definition of 8K resolution for both eyes.


Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple whistleblower in Bloomberg, revealed that the idea of ​​”metaverse” is regarded as “off limits” within Apple.

Its VR/AR device plans focus on games, communications, and content, but users are discouraged from “escape” from real life, immersed in virtual worlds, and to use the device throughout the day.

In any case, many people have been waiting for Apple’s VR headset for a long time.

In addition, Facebook’s Oculus Quest 3 may also be released this year. Xiao Zha has previously hinted that a brand new VR project is currently underway.


It is currently predicted that the Quest 3 will have at least a 120Hz refresh rate and will be equipped with a light field image function.

Quest 3 may also support more advanced gesture tracking technology, such as the PS5 DualSense controller compatible with haptic feedback, allowing players to achieve more immersive immersion.

Although there has been some progress in metaverse hardware, there is still a long way to go. For example, problems such as network latency still cannot keep up, high-quality accessories are expensive, and so on.

In the future, who will break the real entrance to the gate of the metaverse?

Netizens are heartbroken

Many netizens saw that cows wearing VR glasses can achieve high production, and there were many discussions.

No, someone asked, “Will the concentration of milk be reduced?”


Others said, “Milk has entered the “cow universe”. “


Some even think, “That’s not what the Metaverse is really about.”


If you imagine that the products are rich and create a sense of emptiness for the cow, will it make the cow’s body more “weak”?

If you wear glasses for a long time, it will cause dizziness to the cow, will it make the cow feel uncomfortable?

If you take off the glasses and create a sense of drop for the cows, will it make the milk show worse?

These issues need to be explored more by agriculturists and technology enthusiasts.







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