4JNET obtains the US MSB financial license and accelerates to become a rising star in the industry


Recently, 4JNET officially revealed that 4JNET has obtained the US MSB financial license, and the contract has also passed the audit of the blockchain security service provider CertiK. Once the news came out, it caused widespread concern in the industry.

4JNET is developed based on the BSC smart chain, with the goal of becoming a real decentralized project. The core team is from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and other internationally renowned companies with strong technical strength. The project party does not hold the currency, the head penalty mechanism, and the gradual reduction mechanism of the handling fee will ensure the fairness and fairness of the project.

1. 4JNET unique mechanism

4JNET will introduce a gradual reduction mechanism in transaction fees as a way to maintain price stability. Specifically, the initial transaction charges 90% of the transaction volume as a handling fee, of which 6% of the transaction volume will be distributed to all token holders in the form of tokens, and the rest will be automatically transferred to the liquidity pool.

With the increase in the number of transactions, the handling fee will be gradually reduced, and the minimum can be reduced to 10%, in order to reduce the gap between early investors and late investors. Even if 4JNET project parties or early investors buy in early, they still need to pay high handling fees. The handling fee is automatically transferred to the liquidity pool, which promotes the continuous and steady rise of the currency price, and also contributes to the price instability caused by the selling pressure.

This mechanism of 4JNET conforms to the concept of “HODL” of cryptocurrency to a large extent, that is, to encourage users to get rich by holding coins, regardless of the currency price. Various positive methods such as fairness, security, and transparency help investors to persist in holding currency or find the right time to trade, so as to continue to interpret the myth of wealth creation.

Two 4JNET ‘s four major guarantees

1. MSB license: 4JNET has obtained the US Federal Cryptocurrency License (MSB).

2. Transparency: All business logic of 4JNET is implemented by smart contracts. All contract addresses and codes are all open source. The project party does not hold the currency, nor can it touch the user’s funds.

3. Contract audit: The 4JNET smart contract has passed the audit of the blockchain security company CertiK. Safety and fairness have been further guaranteed.

4. Fairness: 4JNET’s unique mechanism effectively curbed the emergence of currency holding oligarchs and resisted the centralization of currency holdings.

3. Conclusion

It is understood that the announcement of the release of 4JNET’s limited edition NFT and the upcoming launch of the project caused great repercussions. A big V in the circle pointed out that with its unique mechanism, 4JNET may quickly open the market and become a rising star in the industry.

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