4D Report: Where is the value of the Metaverse worthy of attention?

In 1992, the first economic crisis lasted so far and brought a great blow to the world. In the Internet industry, the Internet is no longer the exclusive use of the government and the military. Dephi began to provide online network services to their customers, and gradually developed from e-mail services to a full range of network services. This year has a milestone historical significance for the entire Internet.

At the same time, the new wave of sci-fi movement developed in 1960 gradually evolved into a new branch of culture-cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is different from the early utopian science fiction novels. Cyberpunk depicts the strong contrast between the fragile and small human individuals and the highly developed civilization, full of violent aesthetics and reflections on the society at that time.

And the meta universe originated from this.

The origin of the meta universe

  • The origin of the meta universe

Metaverse first appeared in Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche”, depicting the form of high-fidelity virtual communities and worlds constructed on the Internet. The term “Metaverse” is composed of Meta and Verse. Meta stands for transcendence, and verse stands for universe, which together represent the concept of “transcending the universe”, also known as “super meta domain . ” It is indistinguishable from the real world, the only difference is that it is a code agreement, a space that runs parallel to the real world.

The meta-universe proposes a possibility that when civilization develops to a certain stage, the future world will be an organic combination of the physical world and the virtual world. Everyone can have an “Avatar” in the virtual world, and can carry out all social and productive life. This provides an almost directional blueprint for the later development of the Internet, and the world depicted in “Avalanche” Gradually realized.

Metaverse allows users to enjoy a more free and fair interactive platform, making it full of charm. The development of Internet technology has provided the possibility for the emergence of Metaverse, and the emergence of blockchain technology has laid the foundation for Metaverse.


  • How did the meta universe get on fire?

Perhaps civilization is a piece of iterative code. In the future, life and technology are inseparable , so why doesn’t Metaverse come out of the circle sooner or later in 2021?

In fact, since Roblox went public, the discussion on the meta universe has continued to heat up. There are two major events that launched Metaverse into games and blockchain circles.

With the listing of Roblox, the first stock of Meta Universe, on the New York Stock Exchange on March 10, its market value has been boosted to exceed US$40 billion . On April 13, 2021, Epic Games, a world-renowned game development company and also a well-known game engine Unreal Engine developer, announced that it has received 1 billion US dollars in financing, mainly for the development of Metaverse. And Epic’s other two identities, one is the developer of “Fortnite” with over 350 million registered players, and the other is a new game store with 160 million players. As a heavyweight veteran in the game industry, Epic is in The influence of game developers and players is very important, and its announcement to enter the meta-universe field is undoubtedly telling game developers and players around the world that there is the most fascinating thing here.


(The picture shows the Google search index)

On August 14, 2021, the big event that really detonated the domestic Internet and financial circles was that Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, in an interview with The Verge did not conceal that he was a believer in the meta universe, and planned to do so within five years. Turn Facebook into a meta-universe company. Such an Internet giant with more than 2 billion users in the world announced a new direction and quickly attracted the attention of all parties .


(The picture shows the Baidu search index)

This move shocked the entire industry. Although Metaverse still has a long way to go, we seem to see some light in the future.


How to understand the meta universe correctly?

Of course, most people may still be confused when they hear the metaverse. Then how do we understand the metaverse correctly?

In the early days of any industry, it is difficult to define it clearly, and Meta Universe is no exception. The explanations given by different institutions seem to be different. We can only learn from the opinions of some authoritative institutions and well-known scholars to extract the core of the meta universe.

Roblox surpasses Ubisoft, CDRR and EA in market value and user scale, and has attracted more than 160 million monthly active users. As the head project of the meta-universe industry, Roblox provides a tool for creators to develop games and form a unique social mode. The definition written in the NYSE listing prospectus pointed out that Metaverse contains eight elements, namely identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anytime, anywhere, brokerage system and civilization . In other words, the metaverse belongs to the user’s own world, which can express information more quickly, interact with assets, and express specific scenes in an immersive manner.

And Facebook, which is obsessed with the meta-universe mentioned above, believes that the meta-universe is a space based on AR/VR technology. Users enter the virtual world through a head-mounted device, thereby achieving a seamless connection between the real and virtual worlds.

Epic, which released the most popular game in North America, “Fortnite”, believes that Metaverse can do everything in real life, including watching Travis Scott’s virtual concert and the world premiere of the latest episode of “Star Wars.” They generally believe that the meta universe is the ultimate form of the Internet.

At the same time, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella officially announced the corporate meta-universe solution at the global partner conference Inspire, proposing that meta-universe is the integration of the digital world and the real world , which is consistent with Nvidia’s goal and is committed to ” Augmented Reality”.

And Dom Hofmann, the founder of Loot, a recently popular NFT project, believes that meta-universe is a virtual world of different games created by different people, allowing a wider range of adventurers to participate in it. Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital, believes that Metaverse needs to synchronize three-dimensional spaces.

Tencent Research Institute believes that the meta-universe is a combination of hyper-link global proof, hyper-space transmission protocol, and super-sensory perception interface. A world of perception that transcends the senses of AR/VR, virtual reality, augmented reality, and MR mixed reality. The meta-universe can not only be produced in our imagination, but also can be truly felt in our perception.

There are also many organizations and celebrities who have expressed their understanding of Metaverse. We will not repeat them here. In a simple summary, we can think that Metaverse is a platform for carrying virtual activities with credible asset value and identity authentication, realizing the replication of the underlying logic of the real world . Its essence is a platform that carries all virtual activities. Users can conduct social, entertainment, creation, display, education, trading and other activities, which will have a subtle impact and change on the production and lifestyle of users.

Characteristics of the meta universe

So what are the characteristics of the meta universe?

The author believes that the meta universe can be summarized as a “3+4+8” model , that is, three points, four foundations and eight elements. Let’s disassemble them one by one.

First of all, Metaverse has the following key points: credible asset value, trustless identity authentication, and the reproduction and upgrade of all production and lifestyles in the real world from the virtual world.

In other words, the meta-universe is a perfect restoration of the underlying logic of the real world, and under credible conditions, it has a unique identity and asset value.

The four basics refer to the four recognized technical supports, namely Blockchain, Game, Network, and Display , which is what we often call “BAND” (referring to the viewpoint of Guosheng Blockchain Research Institute).

Blockchain provides Metaverse with a decentralized settlement platform, traditional value mechanism and identity authentication. Blockchain provides technical support for the counter-balance platform to do evil, gives users maximum freedom and fairness , and provides a cornerstone for the verification of asset value.

Game provides interactive content to the metaverse , which makes the metaverse realistic and interesting , and makes the world of the metaverse richer.

Network refers to the network and computing power, which provides information transmission and computing capabilities for the entire meta-universe . While enriching the social scene, it provides huge data support, reduces the cost of user participation and improves the product experience.

Display perfectly integrates the real world and the virtual world. AR/VR equipment and ultra-high-definition televisions enable users to obtain a better immersive experience .

Therefore, the development and iteration of “BAND” laid the foundation for the emergence of the meta-universe. Of course, we have also seen some broader technical support, including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The eight elements are the elements that the founder of Rolox believes that the metaverse should have, namely identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anytime, anywhere, brokerage system, and civilization. We think this is enough to summarize the meta universe. The full picture of the universe.

Identity refers to the user a unique avatar, the user can be expressed as the avatar of any person or the object you want to be in , as the “avalanche” in the description of it, “everyone’s avatars can be made into any shape you like, this It depends on how high your computer equipment is to support. Even if you look ugly, you can still make your avatar very beautiful. Even if you just wake up, your avatar can still be well dressed and well-dressed. In the super elemental domain, you can appear in any form: a gorilla, a fire-breathing dragon…”

The friend refers to the interaction between the user and the friend, which can be the real world or just people known in the meta-universe . Just like in “Ready Player One”, Aiqi said that Artemis “may be a 136 kg man, living in his mother’s basement in the suburbs of Detroit, named Chuck.” In fact, Aiqi is a bold black man. girl. There is a certain separation between the social life of the metaverse and the real life. We don’t know what the opposite person is like in the real life, but this does not prevent us from becoming friends in the metaverse.

Immersiveness refers to 3D, ultra-high-definition TV, VR/AR and “augmented reality”, which makes it difficult to distinguish the meta universe from the real world. Perhaps the focus of the future meta-universe is “Inception”, and we need to use specific things to switch between meta-universe and reality .

Low latency means that everything in the meta-universe happens synchronously, where users can get a perfect experience with almost no delay . Just like the last level of “Ready Player One”, any slight movement of Parsifal in the real world may affect his role in the meta-universe.

Diversity means that Metaverse provides a rich variety of content, props, and materials. The meta universe is unique to each user. It belongs to the personal world . Each person is his own God. It is a perfect reproduction of all the production and lifestyles of reality. Its diversification will eventually converge with the real world and be all-encompassing. .

Anytime, anywhere refers to the fact that users, developers, and creators of Metaverse come from different locations. But any individual participating in the meta universe can run the meta universe at different terminals and indulge in it.

The brokerage system refers to the value system of the meta universe. The meta universe should not rely on any economic system, but should have its own system to meet the needs of asset exchange and savings.

Civilization refers to a virtual civilization, which may be what we mentioned above ” maybe civilization is an iterative code “. The meta universe should not be completely laissez-faire. The meta universe still needs civilization to regulate the lives of all people to ensure the stability of the entire universe.

The development and application of meta universe

In the previous article, we discussed so much about the origins and concepts of the meta universe. Now we might as well aim our sights at the present and look at those products or applications that can be called “meta universe” in order to pry into the future development.

  • game

For Metaverse, games are one of the most direct manifestations. Because what the game is best at is to build a virtual world where people can communicate and play, and furthermore, there will be a whole set of economic models similar to the real world .

The online game Eve of Star Wars, which was included as a case in Mankiw’s “Economics Principles”, is a classic example. This is an MMO RPG sci-fi strategy sandbox online game, with a magnificent space as the background, highly integrating hard sci-fi elements, inviting computer, astronomy and other experts to provide professional advice, and employing Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, professor of economics at the University of Iceland. The chief economist of the company designed a set of economic models highly compatible with reality for the game, and constructed a free and extremely real virtual universe sandbox world for players .

The most interesting thing about this game is the realism built by its economic model and game mechanics. In “Eve Online”, the player’s behavior determines his identity, not the profession set by the system. Just like in reality, you can choose to mine in the game and become a miner, or choose to be responsible for transporting goods. And to ensure that it is delivered safely to the darts division, or become the interstellar pirate attacking the transport spacecraft, or become the bounty hunter who hunts down the pirates. These behaviors determine what role you are, and because of these things, players will spontaneously form various local organizations, and then expand various production, commercial, and military activities.

On the other hand, the assets inside have very similar properties to the assets in reality. For example, if the player’s spacecraft is destroyed, it is a real loss of a large amount of assets. Therefore, if the management is not good, the player may lose all the assets that he has operated for many years in an attack.

At the same time, the game involves a variety of production materials and commodities. For this reason, the game provides a trading market and a price trend chart that can visually display the price trend of items. These mechanisms help the game to generate chambers of commerce and financial speculators. , The insurance industry and other organizations or industries that are indistinguishable from reality .

If the Eve of the Star Wars shows us how the game can build a virtual world close to reality, then Roblox, another meta-universe first game, brings us unlimited possibilities in the meta-universe.

Roblox is the world’s largest massively multiplayer online game creation platform. It provides a set of simple editors that can build their own virtual worlds, allowing people to be creators with a low threshold and build the virtual worlds they want. In Roblox, players can develop their own games or play games developed by others, and use the virtual currency “Robux” for consumption, such as purchasing virtual characters, virtual items, or special permissions for a specific game, consumption of any game All are shared with the platform and developers.

As of the end of 2020, there are 8 million content developers active on Roblox, and there are more than 20 million game experience scenes, which is equivalent to constructing a small virtual world of tens of millions of levels. Roblox truly embodies the development potential of Metaverse.

  • social contact

With the development of the Internet and technology, the way we interact with others is gradually changing. In Metaverse, technology allows communication between people to be no longer limited to text, images, and videos, but can be expressed in more dimensions . VR/AR will undoubtedly reflect the advantages of Metaverse in social aspects. The incisive and vivid.

VR Chat is a massively multiplayer online virtual reality software. Players can communicate with each other through fictional characters, such as creating important characters from various well-known ACG series and using them as their characters. And, these models can support “voice-to-mouth, eye tracking, blinking and motion”. Therefore, we can communicate with people from all over the world in different virtual worlds with richer body language through VR Chat.


The picture shows “Stumbled into a weird classroom, and 40 people communicated together but silently? [Believers丨VRChat]” video screenshot, a foreign sign language teacher is teaching people to learn sign language in VR Chat.

Microsoft, which has been at the forefront of AR, officially released Microsoft Mesh: a new mixed reality collaboration platform in March 2021. By wearing its AR device Hololens2, you can set up an avatar and collaborate with others in a common space to complete some designs or discussions together.


For example, in the picture, you can see that everyone is building a water pipe design work together remotely. Everyone can adjust the design of the water pipe at will according to hand movements, and can also outline the parts they want to modify for the 3D design drawing. With the blessing of AR, this collaboration method not only achieves the effect of offline meetings and efficient face-to-face communication, but also simplifies design and modification work, greatly improving communication efficiency and design efficiency.

VR and AR directly elevate the interaction level of social interaction from a flat to a three-dimensional level. The amount of information and the richness of interaction brought by one more dimension are completely different . In the future, with the gradual improvement of other meta-universe infrastructure, meta-universe’s new social experience and expression advantages will be further manifested.

  • Blockchain

When we talk about meta-universe, in addition to the hottest fields of games and social interactions, there is another field that has brought meta-universe to a new height, and with its own popularity and early dividends, more people will be against Yuan. The universe has an in-depth understanding. After all, people who come out of the blockchain or the crypto circle are now sensitive to the meta-universe as “viewed as ridges and peaks, with different distances and heights.”

Of course, the current connection between the blockchain and the meta-universe does seem to be particularly close. Whether it is Crypto, NFT, or blockchain games, they have more or less become the integration method of the meta-universe , especially this year’s NFT belt. The coming boom has sounded the clarion call for the blockchain to get out of the circle, and with games like Axie Infinity (with a monthly revenue of more than 100 million US dollars) continuing to become popular, it has led to the emergence of the prototype of the combination of meta-universe and blockchain .

On the other hand, we have also seen the emergence of games like Decentraland that are very relevant to the meta-universe. Although this game derived from the blockchain track has been born for more than 5 years (the earliest team was established in 2015), but It was only when Metaverse and NFT became popular that it was talked about by more people, and it could even be said to be the “metaverse pioneer” of the blockchain industry, which fits some of the current definitions of Metaverse very well.


In addition, the story about Metaverse and NFT seems to be the direction that many people who do not know the blockchain are talked about. After all, the reputation of NFT may be greater than that of blockchain, but we need to see it dialectically. NFT is only It is one of the applications of blockchain, so the imagination of meta-universe and blockchain applications may be greater. After all, a centralized meta-universal institution is astounding, and blockchain technology is inherently “decentralized” The structure and thinking of “Huawei”.

As Matthew Ball, a venture capitalist who has been studying Metaverse for a long time, said, “ Metaverse will be operated in a decentralized manner by many different participants, not belonging to a certain company. ” And non-blocks that can do this The chain is not possible, after all, Bitcoin has verified the power of a decentralized operation company.

Therefore, regarding the integration of blockchain and meta-universe, we need to see not only the application, but also some more essential things, and perhaps discover unexpected gains.

  • movie

When Metaverse can freely construct a virtual world comparable to the real world, or when VR/AR brings a new audiovisual experience, we can obtain a new way of expression. As an art of expression, film will also gain new vitality when a new way of expression is born.

For example, through VR equipment, we can bring a new movie perspective-first-person perspective. In this kind of movie format, we don’t even need the protagonist to show his face, and every audience can substitute himself for the protagonist and become the protagonist.


The picture shows the first-person movie “Hardcore Henry”

In addition to the immersive reality brought by the first person, Metaverse may also bring interactive movies into the mainstream .

From the same first-person perspective, we may be faced with movies with multiple endings, such as who we choose to talk to as the protagonist, and the order of these dialogues or whether they are dialogues or not will determine the future direction of the movie. Just like a game, the game is “performed” in the form of a movie.

However, the current form of this is explored earlier in the game. “Detroit: Become Human” is a classic interactive movie game. However, the game has verified the new feelings brought about by this method, and I believe that in the future, movies will come from behind to launch new types of movies based on the new expression of Metaverse .

  • Art

Meta Universe attaches great importance to the Display level, and the new ways of expression it brings have also made the production and appreciation of art works more novel.

Traditional 3D images are usually produced in the form of modeling, but with VR equipment, we can draw 3D images directly with a brush. Google has released a VR painting application based on the HTC Vive headset-Tilt Brush, which allows creators to use the VR device handle in their hands as a brush and use the virtual 3D space as the canvas to directly draw 3D images.


With the increasing rise of AI painting, digital art has gradually entered the public’s field of vision ; on the other hand, the rise of blockchain technology has also allowed traditional art to go from offline to online through the chain. As a result, online exhibitions, a new way of appreciating artworks, are gradually being explored. The art works are placed in a virtual exhibition hall, and the audience enters the exhibition hall to view the paintings with a virtual character from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.


On the Internet, we can enjoy art immersively anytime and anywhere without the barriers of real space. This is also a major exploration direction of the meta-universe .

Here we only list 5 directions for the re-exploration of the meta-universe that are currently visible to the naked eye, but if we look at it apart, perhaps we can find more directions for the development of the meta-universe. Even as some scholars have said, the meta-universe will be Let the logic of the Internet repeat itself, and this is the innovation that can subvert the status quo.

Future Value Outlook of Meta Universe

Although Metaverse has initially shown its huge potential, major Internet companies and various blockchain projects have entered Metaverse, but in all senses, the development of Metaverse is still very early.

In the future, the meta-universe will further develop in many aspects to achieve our ultimate expectation, so what other specific paths are the key development directions of the meta-universe in the future?

  • Evolution at the hardware level

Although there are already many applications with meta-universe attributes on PCs and smart phones, the current applications have not yet demonstrated meta-universe’s advantages in Display. Today, AR (augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality)/MR (mixed reality) is the leading force among the cutting-edge hardware that leads the Display in the meta universe .

But as far as these cutting-edge hardware devices are concerned, they are still severely restricted in terms of performance. The most direct problem is insufficient display functions and calculations.

At present, the display effect in VR is the best. The high-definition has reached 4k, and even some devices can reach 8k level. But there is a refresh rate problem. Although the refresh rate of some devices can reach 144Hz, the distance reaches the human eye level. The resolution is still difficult, or even if it can reach the resolution of the human eye, the price of such a device must be unattainable and cannot be popularized as a general commercial-grade product.

In addition, because VR uses computer equipment as the computing terminal, its performance is restricted by the computer equipment . Even with the current top 3090 graphics card with a relatively high-end computer, this performance can run almost all large-scale games with the highest quality 4K resolution at 144Hz. However, the VR picture is a binocular picture, which means that two 4K resolutions must be rendered. With a 144Hz screen, this performance requirement is obviously not what the current computer can provide.

For Hololens2, the representative of AR, and Magic Leap, the representative of MR, because it needs to consider interacting with the real environment (for example, it needs to scan the surrounding environment and establish a coordinate system and model), so more calculations are required, so that it The response speed and the displayed picture effects are greatly reduced. When VR has entered the 4K picture, due to performance limitations, the AR and MR pictures are still at a very basic picture, and it is difficult to display complex 3D models.

From the high price of Hololens and the dismal sales of Magic Leap, we can understand that the existing display technology cannot support a mature consumer AR/MR product . If AR and MR want to reach more people like VR There is still a long way to go at home.

In addition, in addition to the display level as the image output, the hardware of the equipment’s information input and the feedback equipment also need to be further explored. The existing VR input methods include traditional gamepads, touchpads designed by different VR manufacturers, and some are motion capture technology. However, on the one hand, the input method is still being explored, and a strong enough consensus similar to gamepads has not been formed. On the other hand, the feedback effect of these controllers or motion capture is almost no, and most of the current VR experience only stays in reality. Input, a single level of feedback in the virtual world.

At present, the somatosensory clothing with feedback effects worn by the protagonist in “Ready Player One” uses inputs in the virtual world to feed back to the real level. Only a few manufacturers on the market are trying, and there are already hands, bodies and heads. However, the overall feedback effect is far from that of the movie. This is one of the major flaws of VR hardware, but flaws mean potential. The hardware level can achieve the real world and the virtual world. Two-way feedback is the most complete form of the meta-universe in the future.

Of course VR/AR/MR are just a few of the ideas in Metaverse Display. Maybe we can still wait for Elon Musk ‘s brain-computer interface to succeed?

  • Infrastructure construction

Without 4G and 5G upgrades, there will be no prosperous mobile application ecosystem today. The development of front-end applications will be restricted by infrastructure. For Metaverse, to build a better ecology and ensure that users can use it better, the further improvement of the network is very necessary .

But just as the development of mobile phones now continues to integrate better hardware into mobile phones, this integration road has come to a black end. Huawei is also considering another solution to free our mobile phones or future smart devices from the shackles of hardware. On the basis of high-speed networks such as 5G and even the future 6G, the computing end of these smart devices is placed on the cloud server, so that the smart device only serves as a display end, so that the display capability of the device can be further improved, and the operation The performance and make the device more portable and easy to use.

Perhaps with the construction of infrastructure, the mobile phone we have in hand or the VR/AR/MR equipment we will equip in the future is just a display. Such a new idea may surpass the existing technology route and become the future technology of Metaverse. support?

  • Software iteration

In addition to hardware issues, Metaverse still lacks a large amount of software support. In fact, from the introduction of Roblox with tools, 20 million games have been derived, and thus become the largest meta-universe platform. It can be seen that the huge productivity that tools can bring.

However, a good tool is very rare, which is why Roblox and Minecraft, the two most popular sandbox games in the world, have abstract characters and architectural styles, rather than realistic modeling and more detailed People set. Because more demanding pictures have higher performance requirements and higher requirements for designers, the elements of the construction also need to consider issues such as production cycle and rendering difficulty.

Therefore, for Metaverse, building a virtual world of Metaverse requires better software support . On the one hand, whether such a tool will be born in the future, on the other hand, we can consider another way of thinking to solve this problem, such as using AI to create the huge basic materials required by the virtual world, and then launch it on this basis. A more easy-to-use front-end, the complex construction is handed over to AI to achieve, and the designer is responsible for the creative and design parts.

At present, the world leading in this regard is a rct AI company established in 2018, which is good at different types and themes of game scenarios. Rct AI has created a series of solutions for game developers, covering the entire life of the game. Cycle includes types such as intelligent content generation, intelligent testing, intelligent data operation, and intelligent delivery .

We also look forward to more solutions to provide support for the virtual world of Metaverse.

  • Content support

Although Metaverse has many shortcomings in the content of cutting-edge technologies such as VR/AR/MR, there are even some difficulties: insufficient installed capacity makes it difficult to attract more content and game producers, and lack of these content and game support makes it even more difficult. Attracting people to buy, but the installed capacity can’t increase.

Therefore, we need more content presentations about the meta universe, and this may be the next blue ocean track for content entrepreneurs .

However, the current meta-universe is on the PC level. There are already successful cases like Roblox and blockchain games such as Axie Infinity. I believe that this kind of wealth-making effect will boost the willingness of capital to invest heavily to support meta-universe in VR/AR/ The development of MR, thus breaking the existing deadlock.

Regarding the future development of the meta universe, it is like “Hamlet”. There may be a thousand Hamlets for one thousand readers. But standing at the intersection of history, we can see some mainstream value presentations with naked eyes, and some seem to be imaginable. And the expected opportunities , and these opportunities are just outlines. We are just explorers, not predictors.

Of course, if you want to predict the future, the best state is to understand its past and present. This is the current state of the meta universe.


When we are about to write this article, A shares just closed, and what is surprising is that “meta universe” related concept stocks have shown a daily limit trend, and the “virtual reality” sector has become the most eye-catching and most attractive today. The leading sector naturally became the most popular sector of the day. After the market closed, the “China Fund News” even gave the comment title “The Strongest Outlet”. It is no exaggeration to say that the meta universe has allowed tens of thousands of people to see its energy by absorbing gold.

Putting aside the hype, going back to the meta-universe itself, it seems that this kind of energy has been brewing since it appeared in “Avalanche” decades ago, and even we human beings are the catalyst of this force, and all technological developments are also It is pointing to this year’s hottest word.

Of course, Meta Universe also looks like the blockchain has just entered the public eye in 2016, and in a flash, the blockchain has changed from a concept to a landable and applicable technology, and Meta Universe is not a pure technology. It’s more like a scene, a concept as grand as Web3.0, and even the blockchain is an important part of it .

These scattered, hazy scenes and value presentations are worthy of our efforts to explore and understand, and this is exactly the goal and direction of our “metacosmic heart”. After all, the big screen Already opened, we see a singularity approaching…


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