400 pieces, sold out in 24 minutes! OneCard × “Fengshen Trilogy” hits the line immediately

On September 30, Haina Nebula’s first product: the IP digital derivative issuance platform “OneCard”, the H5 Beta version was launched. “Fengshen Trilogy” appeared on “OneCard” as the first joint IP of Heina Nebula. The first batch of “Fengshen Trilogy” NFT digital collection is limited to 400 pieces. After the product was cold-started, it went online within 24 minutes and 400 digital collections were sold out.

“The Trilogy of Conferred Gods” is based on the well-known classic novel of Gods and Demons in China, “The Romance of Conferred Gods”. It tells a protracted mythological war between humans, immortals and demons more than 3,000 years ago, and composes a magnificent Chinese myth. epic. Wu Ershan, as a well-known mainland director and contemporary artist, “The Trilogy of Conferring the Gods” is his painstaking effort for ten years. The perseverance of the production team of “Fengshen Trilogy” is not only reflected in the production process of the film, but also in the process of releasing NFT derivatives. Movies plus NFT actually have a precedent, but most of them stay in the simple NFTization of video and audio materials. The prop cards sold this time are taken from the real props in the movie “The Trilogy of the Gods”. The Shang Dynasty has been more than 3,000 years ago, and there are few cultural relics, architectural relics and references available for research, so many people think that there is no need for too much historical research. However, the director Wu Ershan does not think so. He led the crew to visit museums and historical sites in Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places. Based on Taoist water and land paintings in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, he combined the aesthetic elements of Shang and Zhou bronzes and the landscapes of the Song Dynasty to create the unique aesthetics of “The Trilogy of the Gods” System, and apply it to various aspects such as costume modeling, scene building, prop making, etc. The 400 totems and props sold this time were taken from them.

2021 is called the first year of NFT. Global digital collectors are extremely excited, and domestic giants are also making frequent moves: Alipay previously launched the Dunhuang NFT payment code skin, which was almost robbed as soon as it went online. Later, Tencent’s “Phantom Core” App’s first-time limited edition “Thirteen Invitations” vinyl record NFT was sold out in less than 1 second; OneCard debut in the entertainment IP industry made a brilliant mark. The action of the circle is bound to trigger the “awakening” of the entire industry and the joy of mass consumers & digital collectors.

As the parent company of the OneCard platform, Haina Xingyun is determined to become the engine of the “IP digital revolution” in the large entertainment market: to provide it with a complete set of digital derivative solutions to make it more convenient and accessible to enter the ultimate form of the Internet “Yuan” universe”. Let the IP party dance with the giants, and the “Pill Card” under Heiner Nebulas will advance, and the “engine” has been ignited!

400 pieces, sold out in 24 minutes! Maruka × "Fengshen Trilogy" hits the line immediately

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