360 launched the social product “N World”, can imitating discrod make a Metaverse?

N World = Post Bar + QQ Group + SOUL

360’s Metaverse products are here again.

According to media reports, 360 recently launched a Metaverse product called “N World”.

According to sources close to 360, 360 also attaches great importance to this project, and the official website domain name is n.cn worth tens of millions.

In fact, it is not the first time that 360 has come into contact with the Metaverse. Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360 Group, revealed in an interview earlier that Huajiao Live has actually made similar products, but the results are mediocre.

The 360 ​​layout of the Metaverse is obviously full of confidence. So, how is the N world doing?

N World = Post Bar + QQ Group + SOUL

According to the announcement and introduction of N World, 360 has attached these labels to this product:

“User’s Third Space”, “A New Generation of Interest Metaverse”, “Multiplayer Immersive Interactive Community”

From the function point of view, N World is composed of “interest worlds”, everyone can create their own world, users can set and create their own interest topics, as well as voice interaction, identity cards and other gameplay.

According to the actual experience of Youniu Finance, users can join interested channels in the N world. In this “interesting world”, everyone can publish their own content, which is similar to posting on Tieba or Weibo.


In addition, users can also chat with other users through voice, text, and exchange their views.


Of course, you can also create your own channel and invite other users to join the chat, similar to a QQ group.

At present, there are not too many interest sections in N World, and they are basically popular games and content related to life and entertainment, and this application is also available on three platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.

From the perspective of the entire user experience and product functions, N World is similar to the foreign voice chat software discord. In terms of domestic products we are familiar with, it is Tieba + QQ group + SOUL.

It is not difficult to understand why 360 chose to benchmark Discord. Previously, the number of discord server users of “Yuan Shen” reached 800,000, which made Discord famous in China, and other social giants followed suit. Especially last year, Microsoft wanted to buy the company for $12 billion, but ended up being rejected by discord.

Discord’s reason for rejecting Microsoft is very simple: it has received too many acquisition invitations, and its business growth is quite good. I want to see independent development again.

So, what is the magic of discord that makes so many foreign users and big manufacturers addicted to it?

Six years after its establishment, it was valued at $18 billion. How did discord do it?

Judging from the development of discord in recent years, this company does have the confidence to reject Microsoft, especially in North America. You can find any student on campus and ask them what social software they usually use. Discord will definitely be listed. in.

Many young people not only use discord to play games and socialize, but also do homework and discuss problems encountered in life, and the social path of discord can be open or private. This feature makes this app more and more attractive. many users.

The birth of Discord is actually not complicated, and even its founders did not expect to develop into what it is today.

The two founders have been obsessed with various games since childhood. Especially after graduation, games such as “World of Warcraft” became their favorites. However, the chat software on the market at that time was generally not easy to use, and the call quality was worrying. There are delays and dropped calls.

In this context, they came up with the idea of ​​making a game chat software by themselves.

Thus, discord, a social software specially created for game voice chat, was born.

In the concept of the two founders, discord is an always-on chat room. Players can join a group chat to interact at any time. Problems encountered in the game will not affect the chat.


It can be said that the early discord is more like an open QQ group.

In order to solve the user’s pain points, the two founders also optimized the call technology. With the characteristics of high sound quality, low latency and less occupation, the user experience was like a lot of chat software on the market in the United States at that time.

When the number of users increased, discord opened up an important function, that is, the community, so that players still have a place to continue to communicate after the game is over.

In discord, any user can create their own server, and then decide whether to open or not. Under the server, they can also create sub-rooms and specify the administrator of each group.

For example, many game manufacturers now create servers on discord, and then subdivide many groups. Players can freely come and go among these groups to participate in discussions, with a very high degree of freedom.

This is also the model “imitation” by the N world.

Various advantages make discord have the potential of a new social giant. Currently, it has more than 150 million monthly active users, and the user stickiness is very high. Such dazzling data has made discord the darling of capital. Since its establishment in 2015, it has raised funds. The amount has exceeded $1 billion.

It is not difficult to understand why Amazon, Sony, Microsoft and other big manufacturers want to acquire this company, and one of them even offered a sky-high price of 18 billion US dollars. Everyone wants to take this kind of community into their pockets.

But this brings up a question, why do you call yourself a Metaverse for the N world of discrod?

What is the Metaverse? In what form will it be realized?

In fact, no one knows what form the Metaverse will take, or what the future will look like. According to the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia, the Metaverse is linked and created by scientific and technological means, and is connected with the real world. A virtual world of mapping and interaction, a digital living space with a new social system.

Simply put, it is to design and create an Internet application that integrates with the real world by integrating a variety of new technologies. It can bring immersive experience to users.

For example, I believe that many people have seen “The Matrix”. The virtual world in which the protagonist Neo lives is a form of the Metaverse, but that world is not controlled by humans.

So can we do that now?

Naturally it can’t be done.

For our current technology, it is still impossible to create a mirror image of the real world, so the current Metaverse products do not really exist. At most, some concepts of the Metaverse are realized through different methods, such as The virtual VR chat room “VRchat” and the multiplayer online creation game “Roblox”.


Therefore, various manufacturers are trying to find ways to launch their own Metaverse products to seize the opportunity.

Thus, 2021 has become the first year of the Metaverse.

During the year, Facebook changed its name to Mate, ByteDance invested heavily in the purchase of VR equipment maker PICO, and Baidu launched the Xirong App.

Of course, as a field that naturally fits the concept of the Metaverse, there are also many companies that want to take advantage of the Metaverse’s hot spots.

For example, Zhongqingbao soon launched a game called Brewmaster. According to the introduction of the game, this is a simulation business game that “can map the player’s inner world to the Metaverse”, making the experience of the virtual world possible. more realistic.


Players play the role of a modern man who traveled to China 100 years ago, incarnated as the manager of a winery, and managed the winery from the perspective of God.

It is very unreliable to hear, what does it have to do with the Metaverse? can not tell.

However, Zhongqingbao relies on this operation to make the stock price go up and down many times.

According to the current performance, YY, QQ and those earlier social products can be called the Metaverse.

In the final analysis, the Metaverse has become a piece of cloth. Wherever it needs to be covered, after taking it away, there is no substantial breakthrough in the definition of the product.

Before the hype, it’s better to ask yourself a question, do we really need the Metaverse right now?

If you focus on research and development of technology, you can naturally be sought after, but if you take this opportunity to hype, it will show a prototype sooner or later.

After all, from the first year of the Metaverse to the real realization of the Metaverse, we still need a lot of time.

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