31 free encryption tools

Below are 31 free indicators, websites, lists and tools that we can use to discover, analyze and research cryptocurrencies and tokens. No registration is required (for the functions described in this article).

Crypto News, Market and Currency Updates

  • Coingecko Cryptocurrency Categories – Coingecko.com provides an overview of coins and tokens for specific use cases, industries, L1 blockchains, and more.
  • Open Data Crypto Library  – cypherhunter.com is a database that collects information on every blockchain project, including people working in the crypto space.
  • Coinmarketcap ICO Calendar – Get a list of upcoming ICOs at coinmarketcap.com, including details on each new crypto project.
  • airdropalert.com  – List of current and or planned coin and token airdrops, including how to participate.
  • coinmarketcal.com  – Gives us an overview of important events in the crypto space, such as coin listings, beta testing, crypto conferences, website updates, and more.
  • cryptopanic.com  – A crypto news aggregator website listing news from different sources in real time. Good understanding of what’s going on.
  • lunarcrush.com  – This site collects and analyzes social media network data to measure market activity and user sentiment. It also allows us to keep track of which influencer is primarily involved in which token.
  • Crypto Proposal Tracker – messari.io tracks the proposal process of a crypto project, from initial discussions to finalized voting. The platform also offers many other free crypto resources and listings.
  • Crypto Fundraising Stats – dovenmetrics.com is a database that collects crypto funding information. Here we can see how much money individual projects have raised. The database also collects information on investors, crypto VCs, funding rounds, and more.

Crypto Statistics and Analysis

  • Cryptocurrency Stats Pie Charts  – Bitinfocharts.com visualizes key stats for major cryptocurrencies as pie charts.
  • Crypto Treemap Charts – On coin360.com we can view neat treemaps of cryptocurrencies and tokens. We can drill down and visualize specific parts of the crypto ecosystem (for example, it allows us to show only Ethereum tokens)
  • Mining Pool Stats – Website listing key statistics of mining pools for hundreds of cryptocurrencies.
  • Stablecoin Stats  – A website that collects stablecoin data such as total circulation, 24-hour trading volume, collateral, etc.
  • Investigate & Monitor Crypto Addresses  – Breadcrumbs.app provides tools to analyze personal addresses for Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum and any ERC-20 token. Great for visualizing transaction flow.
  • Github Activity Check  – Using CryptoMiso, we can easily check the activity of over 300 cryptocurrencies and tokens on Github.
  • Bitcoin Visuals – A website dedicated to visualizing every conceivable Bitcoin data.
  • dune.xyz – This website allows users to extract almost any information that exists on the Ethereum blockchain and create hundreds of project dashboards in the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • toketerminal.com  – This site provides us with in-depth knowledge of dapps and blockchains such as cumulative protocol revenue and allows us to understand the top performing platforms.
  • ETH Gasstation  – A website that shares gas usage and cost statistics on the Ethereum blockchain and underlying protocols.
  • DApp Review  – This website collects data on protocols running on L1 blockchains such as ETH, NEO, BSC and TRON. Here, we can see statistics such as the number of users per DApp, deployed smart contracts, etc.
  • DappRadar – Another site dedicated to aggregating data for blockchain DApps. Browse protocols through different categories and sort them based on specific data points.
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Fund Graphs & Charts  – cryptofundresearch.com offers a collection of free graphs that visualize the state of the global Cryptocurrency Investment Fund industry.

Encrypted Metrics

  • Bitcoin Fear & Green Index – an indicator that examines Bitcoin market sentiment (also for cryptocurrencies in general).
  • Relative Strenght Index (RSI)  – An important indicator showing whether Bitcoin is oversold (RSI < 30) or overbought (RSI > 70).
  • Market Value to Realized Value Ratio (MVRV)  – Another oversold (MVRV < 1), overbought (MVRV > 3.5) indicator for Bitcoin. At coinmetrics we can use this free metric on some of the big cryptocurrencies.
  • Bollinger Bands  – consists of 3 lines: a simple moving average, a positive and a negative standard deviation (SD). The closer the price is above the SD line, the more overbought the market is. The closer the price is to the low SD line, the more oversold the market is. On tradingview.com we can use this indicator on different cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin’s Never Look Back Price  – An interactive chart that shows Bitcoin’s last time at a specific price level. Once it reaches that price, it will just keep going up and never go back to that price.
  • Bitcoin’s Power Law Corridor  – Bitcoin’s Power Law Corridor is the channel in which Bitcoin’s price has grown since its inception, when the price is recorded on the square root time scale.
  • Exchange Reserves  – A graph showing the total number of coins held on exchanges. A lower number means more people have coins in their wallets, which means lower selling pressure and vice versa. On cryptoquant.com, we can access the charts below for several major cryptocurrencies.
  • Combined Orderbook –  Coinlobster.com provides a real-time combined order book spanning 10 spot and perpetual futures exchanges. The site also has other free features like “Clearing Watch” and “Whale Watching”.
  • Bitcoin Fair Value – As the name suggests, this indicator shows whether the current Bitcoin price is overvalued or undervalued. It is calculated based on the network value-to-transaction ratio (NVT) and on-chain data. bytetree.com also provides other free Bitcoin metrics and statistics. For example, how much bitcoin the fund holds.

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