27 suggestions to ambush a potential 2022 airdrop

After finding new projects every night to put some capital into, I’ve received some of the best airdrops of the past few years, including: $UNI , $ENS , $dYdX , $INCH , $SNX , $GFI , $ILV , $ICP , $NOTE , $INST.

In this guide, you can find a short list of some of the most important protocols for possible 2022 airdrops. I’ve also included some how to get them, but first some context.

Airdrops are a new growth hacking technique that allows protocols to attract (and retain) early users/evangelists into the ecosystem by promising future rewards. Instead of allocating marketing budgets, these projects set a share of future tokens to reward past users, decentralize the product and attract newcomers.

Let’s start the list:

1.Hop Protocol

One of the most promising ETH <-> L2 bridges. We live in a multi-chain world, so this will be huge in the next few years.


  • Bridge assets between different chains
  • Provide liquidity and equity capital in pools without IL

2.Connext / XPollinate

Another important bridge between EVM chains.

Action: – Cross-chain transfer of assets between different chains

3. Element Finance

Element is an open source protocol for fixed and variable income markets.


  • Invest some money at a fixed rate,
  • to fund the pool of funds,
  • Immediately after the Aztec version is launched 

4. ECO

Keep an eye on what @andy_bromberg and the team are building to revolutionize the concept of money. Always #KYEP

Action: Engage with the community via twitter @eco_accountant BOT and become an active member in Discord.

5. Money

One of the best Ethereum wallets with the best user experience and already integrated with many products and L2.


  • Activate an account on mainnet and ZkSync and start using some protocols.
  • Starkware’s first web browser wallet is also available.

6. Aztec Network

Aztec is the ultimate security shield for the Internet of Money. http://zk.money allows users to keep ETH private.


  • Privacy some ETH from one wallet and send to another wallet
  • Leave them in the network and wait for the Element to be deployed

7. Foundation

A platform aimed at building a new creative economy where creators can use Ethereum to evaluate their work in a whole new way. It’s similar to Opensea but you mostly buy 1/1 piece

Action: Buy some of your favorite art and support artists in new ways!

8. Polymarket

Polymarket is a decentralized information marketplace platform designed to demystify the real-world events that matter most to you. It works with Polygon, so it’s cheap to use.


  • Bet on what you like
  • Provide liquidity to high APY markets

9. Superfluid

Process subscriptions, salaries, rewards, and any value stream, with continuous settlement every second.

Action: Liquid some money, become part of the Discord community, and keep using the great product!

10. Zig Zag Exchange

It is the first DEX with a central order book to run on zkSync.

Action: Bridge some funds to zksync and do some transactions!


Opyn is building DeFi-native derivatives and options infrastructure. One of the best DeFI protocols.


  • Direct minting of oTokens (put or call options)
  • Buy and hold oTokens
  • Building a bullish Squeeth position

12. Ondo Finance

Ondo is a decentralized investment bank offering structured products. Through @feiprotocol, they have developed a solution for those DAOs who want to rent liquidity.

Action: Deposit on Ondo Vault

13. ZORA

An open protocol for buying, selling and managing NFTs on Ethereum.


  • Buy some NFTs you like
  • Create, manage and sell NFTs
  • Mint Zorb and become an active participant


They are building the financial layer for NFTs, launching the first universal rental marketplace, and building the first unsecured lending/borrowing.


  • Become an Astrocat holder
  • Use Agreement

15. Mirror

Basic web3 toolkit for sharing and funding anything. From writing down your latest idea, to building a home for the next big DAO.


  • start writing
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign
  • Create your first edition (edition)
  • Kick off your web 3 experience

16. Rabbit Hole

Earn cryptocurrency by discovering and using the latest crypto apps. This is the best way for newcomers to discover new things and learn by doing.


  • Complete all skills and gain XP
  • complete all tasks
  • Forge Adventure Badges

17. Zed Run

ZED is a provably fair digital horse racing game based on blockchain technology. Create a legacy by building a star-studded stable of winning racehorses.


  • There is a stable and some horses
  • Participated in some horse races and races

18. Euler Finance

Euler is a capital-efficient permissionless lending protocol that helps users earn interest on their crypto assets or hedge against volatile markets.

Action: Borrow by agreement

19. Slingshot

Fall in love with DeFi again with Slingshot, the next generation of decentralized exchanges.


  • Transactions are made on every chain deployed
  • Try the NFT marketplace

20. Other excellent DeFI protocols

  • @MorphoLabs
  • @yield
  • @PodsFinance
  • @PotionLabs
  • @kwenta_io
  • @DeFiSaver
  • @SetProtocol
  • @volmexfinance
  • @senseprotocol

Action: As always, use the product!

21. L2s

  • @zksync
  • @StarkWareLtd
  • @optimismPBC
  • @arbitrum

Action: Bridge assets to L2 and start using some dapps.

22. NFT Collection

  • @artblocks_io
  • @CrpytoPunks


  • have some collectibles
  • For Artblock, there is a curated NFT
  • After @apecoin launched and acquired IP from @yugalabs, what should we expect for Crypto Punks?

23. Dashboards and Aggregators

  • @DeBankDeFi
  • @zapper_fi
  • @zerion_io


  • trade some coins
  • Zapper and Zerion have their own collection of NFTs
  • Mint your “Web3 ID” for Debank and actively participate in social rankings

24. Wallets

  • @MetaMask
  • @phantom


  • Trade some tokens and stake with the latter.

25. NFT infrastructure

  • @tryShowtime
  • @fractional_art
  • @oncyber_io

Action: As always, use the product!

26. Music NFT

  • @join_royal
  • @soundxyz_
  • @arpeggi_labs


  • Buy songs from your favorite artists on the primary market
  • If you can’t, buy and hold the earnings in the secondary market

27. Domain Names

  • @bonfida get the .SOL name
  • @flownsorg get the .FN name
  • @unstoppableweb for higher domain names


  • Buy what you like and create your web3 ID

Posted by:CoinYuppie,Reprinted with attribution to:https://coinyuppie.com/27-suggestions-to-ambush-a-potential-2022-airdrop/
Coinyuppie is an open information publishing platform, all information provided is not related to the views and positions of coinyuppie, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice. Users are expected to carefully screen and prevent risks.

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