26,000 people participated in the lottery Huobi Prime Phase 7 project NFT skyrocketed 40 times

26,000 people participated in the lottery and Huobi Prime VII project NFT soared 40 times.


At 10:45 pm on May 20, Huobi Prime’s seventh project APENFT (NFT) officially went live for trading. Despite the delay caused by the overwhelming number of Prime participants and the surge in traffic, the restarted Prime still managed to attract the attention of global cryptocurrency investors.

After the two rounds of limit trading, Huobi Global was the first to announce the “battle report”. According to the statistics, more than 26,000 people from all over the world participated in the aggregated transactions, and the users were very enthusiastic to participate. The number of participants in the first round was 12,984, and the number of winners was 1,448; the actual number of orders placed was 41,710, and 1,500 were won, with a winning probability of 3.59%. The number of participants in the second round was 14,489, and the actual number of transactions was 13,910.

Outside of the grand event, NFT, which was in the spotlight, also performed well. As of 23:10, NFT rose as high as 0.00000522 USDT, the highest increase of 40 times. Based on the NFT price at 23:10, the Prime event gave away a total of about 48.6 million USDT equivalent NFT tokens to users.

Faced with this report card, I believe the NFT project owners and community members are overwhelmed with emotions, and as the first launch of Huobi Prime after its relaunch, NFT’s performance can be said to have lived up to its mission.

Huobi Prime was first launched in March 2019 with the aim of tapping into blockchain potential applications, selecting headline quality projects globally and giving them away to HT holders. Now it has officially returned after two years of hibernation, and from the actual effect, Huobi has really done a good job of empowering services for project parties with its own gathered industry resources and influence.

According to the official introduction, APENFT’s team comes from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and is also active in crypto art. APENFT Fund is supported by the world-renowned public chain Ether Ethereum and Wavefield TRON underlying technology, combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent, and is dedicated to NFTing the world’s top artworks. Currently the ownership of the collection has been mapped to the Wavefield TRON chain through the TRC-721 standard and is permanently stored on the Wavefield TRON public chain and BTFS decentralized storage system.

As the first project after the restart of Huobi Prime Preferred Channel, the market awareness of NFT has been rapidly increased, and it is not too much to describe it as the star project of “NFT track” in blockchain industry in 2021.

It is worth mentioning that Prime, which returned after two years, is also full of sincerity in terms of concessions, and this time directly adopts the principle of “free tokens”.

Investors get free Tokens for high quality projects, and Huobi and NFT project owners greatly boost the market volume, so the restarted Prime Preferred Channel is a win-win situation.

After watching the performance of APENFT and Prime, some industry insiders believe that the latest data side of Huobi Prime’s announcement shows that despite the wave of Bitcoin’s plunge last night that instantly brought market sentiment to the bottom, the fact that one NFT blew up so many people proves that market popularity is still very strong. The enthusiasm of users also shows once again that the value of exchange platform coins is always occupying the top position in the cryptocurrency circle, and is undoubtedly a rare quality asset in the blockchain ecosystem.

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